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Counter-Strike 2 Update Fixes Map Bugs, Tweaks Audio Mix and More

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Sep 10, 7:41 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Valve releases fourth patch for Counter-Strike 2 this week

  • The latest patch works on fixing map and miscellaneous bugs

  • Valve fixed boosting spots in a few maps and tweaked audio mix in-game


With the fourth patch of the week, it seems Valve is working hard on Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test. In the past few patches, Valve has been focusing on fixing several bugs and tweaking the UI here and there. The latest patch is no different, as it works on fixing map bugs and making some miscellaneous tweaks in the game. 


On their socials, Counter-Strike shared that they have sent another wave of invitations for the Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test. Over the past few days, since the number of players has increased, it explains the increase in the discovery of bugs and their patch fixes. 


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Valve Fixes Several Map Related Bugs Alongside C4 and Audio Mix Adjustments in Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test


In the latest patch, Valve fixed the map bugs like a pixel boost in Mirage in B bomb site while fixing a bug in Italy where players boost out of the playable area. Developers have updated props in Nuke and resolved the issue where the C4 falls out of the world at the B bomb site. In the miscellaneous fixes, Valve has resolved the bug where roasted chicken fell through the floor and has made some tweaks in the audio mix. The official patch notes are given below: 


  • MAPS
    • Mirage
      • Fixed a pixel boost on pillars in B bomb site
    • Nuke
      • Fixed C4 falling out of the world in B bomb site
      • Updated props
    • Italy
      • Fixes to prevent players boosting out of playable space
  • MISC
    • Added a C4 loadout slot for users who have C4 items with a name tag applied
    • Audio mix tweaks and adjustments
    • Fixed a case where roasted chickens fell through the floor
    • hud_scaling is no longer imported from CS:GO. Note that players' hud_scaling will be reset to the default (1.0)

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