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BGMI Update 2.7 Available Now: ACE 32, New Vehicle, Dragon Ball Theme And More

Aaryanshi Mohan  |   Aug 10, 11:43 AM   |   6 min read

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The BGMI Update 2.7 is finally out and players can enjoy the Dragon Ball Super collaboration that has brought many new additions to the game in terms of themes and in-game items. The patch notes video revealed everything players can enjoy in the update.


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BGMI Update 2.7 Features And New Additions



In the new update, players will see a variety of changes and additions including the ability to carry knocked teammates in a car, a new vehicle for the theme mode and a new gun, which is being touted as a powerful counter to the AKM. In addition to this, the players will also see a new royale pass that will give players a lot of rewards.


Carrying Knocked Players in Vehicle


If a teammate gets knocked during a fight, and there is a chance of a third party, players can carry the teammate in the car and drive away to a safe spot. Before this, BGMI had introduced the ability to carry their teammates on their shoulders. This way, the teammate could only take the knocked teammate to a covered place, but not away from fights.

If the teammate dies, players can summon the Shenron the Dragon, which will give them the ability to recall downed teammates. 

Can the AKM be Replaced?



A new 7.62 mm ammo gun has been added to the game named ACE 32. With a slightly higher recoil rate, the gun is a bit tough to control. With AKM, players have spent enough time understanding the mechanism and has become one of the most used guns in the game, with minimum attachments. 

New Royale Pass

The update will also come with a new royale pass that will help players get more cosmetics and skins in the game without having to spend a lot of Unknown Cash (UC) in the game. With this royale pass, Krafton is also looking to change the way the pass cycle works and players will see 100 levels now, as opposed to 50 that were there in the monthly cycle. Some of the most notable rewards that will come with the royale pass are: 

  • Neon Slayer Set
  • Violet Eclipse - Thompson SMG
  • Violet Eclipse Sidecar Motorcycle
  • Swiftshooter - M16A4
  • Tech Matrix: 2-Seat Bike
  • Precision Artistry - DP-28
  • Specter Slayer Set (Lv.3)
  • Drakonbane Remnant - Machete (Lv. 3)
  • Tangerine Drake Set


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