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Zeta Division Wins VCT Pacific LCQ, Qualifies For Champions 2023

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Jul 24, 7:18 AM   |   3 min read

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As Valorant Champions 2023 approaches and the Last Chance Qualifiers come to a close, fans eagerly await news of which teams will qualify for the event from their respective LCQ. At the end of the VCT 2023 Pacific LCQ, Zeta Division managed to pick up the win and joins Paper Rex, DRX, and T1 to represent the Pacific region in Champions 2023. The Champions 2023 will include 16 teams across the regions of EMEA, the Americas, the Pacific, and China. 


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Zeta Division Is The Winner Of Valorant Champions 2023: Pacific Last Chance Qualifier

With a mixture of knockout and double-elimination matches, VCT 2023 Pacific LCQ kicked off with seven teams fighting to grab a spot in VCT Champions 2023. Zeta Division was seeded higher in the bracket as they stood higher in the league stage points table. 


Zeta Division fought against RRQ in their first match, where RRQ decimated Zeta Division on the first map. Zeta Division made a comeback in the following two maps to win the series with a 2-1 scoreline. The next matchup was against Team Secret in the upper finals, and this time, Zeta Division did not give any chance to its opponent and went on claim their victory with a 2-0 scoreline and qualified for the Grand Finals. 


Team Secret defeated Gen.G in the lower bracket finals and was looking for a rematch against Zeta Division in the Grand Finals. The Grand Finals was a best-of-five matchup and the stakes were incredibly high with the last spot at Champions 2023 on the line. Initially, both teams played neck-and-neck, and the scoreline was 1-1 after two maps of Fracture and Ascent. 


When it felt like Team Secret could win the series, Zeta Division went on a rampage to win the following two maps of Split and Lotus to secure the series and their spot in Valorant Champions 2023. Zeta Division will represent the Pacific region alongside Paper Rex, DRX and T1 in the Champions 2023, starting August 6, 2023, in Los Angeles. 

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