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Valve Restructures The International 12 Format: New Weekend Structure and More

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Aug 6, 6:58 AM   |   5 min read

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Recently, Valve has officially announced a restructured format for the upcoming The International 12, where the world’s best Dota teams will compete for fame and glory. Previously, we have seen Gaimin Gladiators and Team Liquid dominating their way through international tournaments and Majors. Team Spirit won the recent Riyadh Masters.


In a blog post, Valve explained that TI 12 will be divided into three parts where the matches will be held only on weekends that is, Friday  Saturday, and Sunday. This also implements the fact that matches will only take place on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


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Valve Announces Revamped Format For Upcoming TI12



As mentioned above, Valve will be implementing a new format for the upcoming TI with matches only being held on weekends. This also means there will be three weekends each for Group Stage, Playoffs, and Finals. The Group Stage will take place between 12th and 15th October. The Playoffs will be held between 20th and 22nd October while The Finals will take place between 27th and 29th October. In terms of the format, Playoffs will follow the same initial format whereas Group Stages will see a lesser number of games to utilize the time slot.



The Road To The International will feature Group Stage and Playoffs whereas The Finals will fall under The International. Valve has played the right cards by overhauling the structure of TI12 as it will facilitate more viewership considering the fact that the games will likely be played during the Weekends. The Road To International will feature 20 teams competing for a shot at The Finals. The winner of the event will be crowned with The Aegis. Also, instead of four groups, TI will be featuring two groups this time so it will be interesting to see how this move pans out in the favor of Valve. Just like any other tournament, Group Stages will take place from hotels while Playoffs and Finals will be played in front of a live audience

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