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Valve Releases Huge Update About The Future Of Counter-Strike Esports

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Aug 4, 6:34 AM   |   5 min read

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Valve has officially announced its upcoming plans for Counter-Strike esports and has put a significant counter to the “Valorant vs. CSGO” debate. While many fans are satisfied with the decision, some continue to argue about the sustainability of the esports circuit of the game.


Valve has officially stated that creating a “level playing field” for teams at CS2 tournaments is a priority. Moving forward, tournament organizers will be banned from unique business relationships with teams in an attempt to give opportunities to teams and players who deserve it via merit.

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Valve Cracks Down on TO Involvement For CS2 Tournaments

Moving forward, tournament organizers will also have to use Valve's ranking system when inviting teams to tournaments. The gap will be filled by open circuits and other tournament formats. Tournament organizers will not be allowed to forge any “business relations” with esports teams and organizations. This will also ensure transparency between TOs and what teams get from prize pools and other possible incentives. In their official statement, Counter-Strike claimed the current CS circuit only fosters the business perspective of things.


Valve further added:

“We think that Counter-Strike should be an open sport. So we’re going to add new requirements to running large-scale competitive events”.

However, Valve’s latest update has come in a bit late as most of the tournament organizers including ESL and BLAST have developed partnered circuits in the game. So without a doubt, this will be a big thing as teams like The MongolZ might run the risk of never being seen again on the big stage. However, competitive Counter-Strike has evolved throughout the years, and teams and players have adapted themselves. It will be interesting to see how fans react to the changes in the coming future.

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