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Valorant Challengers South Asia 2024 - Cup #1 Regular Season: Day 4 Recap

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Feb 5, 5:07 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Reckoning Esports slipped another victory as MLT Esports defeated them with an incredible comeback with a 2-1 scoreline.

  • Revenant Esports defeated Orangutan Gaming to win their second game of the season.

  • On 5 February, MLT Esports will play their second match of the season against undefeated Medal Esports. The second game of the day will feature an intense Valorant action between Carnival Gaming and Grayfox Esports.

The Valorant extravaganza continues with the Valorant Challengers South Asia 2024. For the fourth day of the Cup #1 Regular Season, it was time for Reckoning Esports to go against MLT Esports, followed by an intense battle between SKRossi's Revenant Esports and the young guns from Orangutan Gaming. 


Reckoning Esports witnessed their second defeat after losing to MLT Esports with a 2-1 scoreline, despite having an early advantage in the series. Unlike Reckoning Esports, Revenant Esports secured their second victory of the season as they won their game against Orangutan Gaming. The victory was special for Revenant fans as they got to see SKRossi back on the MVP train. Let's look at the recap of the fourth day of Valorant Challengers South Asia 2024: Cup #1 Regular Season.


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Reckoning Esports Fails To Secure Another Victory As They Lose Their Second Game In The Season



The day began with MLT Esports going against Reckoning Esports in their first game of the season. The best-of-three series began with Reckoning's map pick of Icebox. No one could believe Reckoning's domination as they won back-to-back rounds in the first half to secure an 11-1 score. In the second half, MLT tried to make a comeback, but it was too late for them. Reckoning Esports won the map of Icebox with a 13-4 scoreline. 


When it seemed that Reckoning Esports might overpower MLT, the latter retaliated with similar domination on the second map of Ascent. MLT Esports secured a 7-5 lead in the first half, helping them overcome their previous defeat. MLT Esports continued to win the subsequent rounds and locked in their victory with a 13-7 scoreline.



For the decider map of Breeze, MLT Esports looked in complete control. Despite a strong performance in the first map, Reckoning couldn't consolidate their lead, resulting in MLT continuing with their winning momentum on map three to secure an early 8-4 lead. Without wasting any time, MLT decimated Reckoning to win the map of Breeze with a 13-5 scoreline and the series with 2-1. 



For the second game of the day, it was SKRossi's Revenant Esports going against Orangutan Gaming. On the first map of Icebox, Revenant continued their form from the previous game as they didn't allow Orangutan to get comfortable. SKRossi led the charge, helping Revenant win the map of Icebox with a 13-6 scoreline. 


On the second map of Ascent, Revenant Esports looked stronger than ever. Orangutan managed to win just two rounds in the second map, allowing Revenant Esports to secure one of the biggest victories with a 13-2 scoreline. SKRossi, dos9 and skillZ played crucial roles in Revenant's victory by ensuring 30+ kills each. 

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