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Recap of Valorant Challengers League 2024 DACH Evolution: Split 1

Bryan "Dracorexia" Francis  |   Feb 21, 5:09 AM   |   6 min read

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  • The tournament features 10 teams, 8 invited and 2 qualified through closed qualifiers.

  • The group stage is a single round-robin, with top 4 advancing to playoffs and bottom 2 facing relegation.

  • MOUZ Esports is currently undefeated with a +20 round differential.

Since the beginning of January, VCT Challengers 2024 has been taking place around the world. With multiple online tournaments taking place at the same time across the globe, Germany is one of the most exciting emerging regions. The first VCT Masters of 2024 is said to take place in Madrid. Here's a look at the results until round 3 and what to expect in the next 6 weeks of Valorant Challengers League 2024 DACH Evolution: Split 1.

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What Is The Tournament Format For Valorant Challengers League 2024 DACH Evolution: Split 1?

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Valorant Challengers League 2024 DACH Evolution: Split 1 consists of 10 teams in the group stages. 8 out of the 10 teams were invited into the league. The last two teams had to qualify through the closed qualifiers that took place between January 20th to January 22nd. Below is a list of all the teams that are taking part in VALORANT Challengers League 2024 DACH Evolution: Split 1

  • CGN Esports
  • MOUZ
  • Unicorns of Love
  • Ovation eSports
  • Eintracht Frankfurt
  • SK Gaming

The format of the group stage of the tournament is 'single round-robin.' Within this, each team will face the other teams once. Each team will be playing a total of 9 games each. Each game will be a best-of-three Series. From the group stages, the top four teams will qualify for the playoffs. Teams placed between 5th to 8th would be present in split 2. Teams placed 9th and 10th would be sent into the relegation phase of the event.


The playoff phase of the tournament will be in a double-bracket format. Most of the games in the playoffs will be a B03 series. The Grand Finals of the event will be a B05 series. The group stages of Valorant Challengers League 2024 DACH Evolution: Split 1 began on the 10th of February and will conclude on the 1st of April. The playoff phase of the tournament will be taking place between April 6th - April 28th. An interesting statistic to note is that currently out of the 51 players in the tournament, 27 of them are of German origin. This results in a 53% German representation within the tournament.


A Recap Of Valorant Challengers League 2024 DACH Evolution: Split 1 Until Week 3


Currently, there is one team who has won 3 out of the 3 matches that they have played. It is none other than MOUZ Esports. They currently have a round differential of +20. Each of their wins hasn’t been decisive as they have mostly gone either to overtime or a map 3. Xuss is their primary duelist who has been playing Raze in all the games. Having an incredible clutch success rate of 31%, which is the highest at the tournament.

Three teams currently have won two games and lost one. They are CGN Esports, SK Gaming & FOKUS. CGN is currently in the second position. Their only loss in the tournament has come at the hands of the team in first, MOUZ. SK Gaming has also faced a similar fate with their first loss coming at the hands of MOUZ.


Haydem “Click” Ali is the primary duelist for SK Gaming. In the last 3 matches, he has played on both Jett and Raze. Currently, his ACS is 305.8 with a K/D ratio of 1.38:1. The stats that put him a step above the rest is his first kills per round which is at a high of 0.35. Comparing that with his first deaths per round being just 0.12 makes him a formidable entry fragger.

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The rest of the 6 teams all have 1 win under their belt but have lost 2 games. ALTERNATE aTTaX currently sits in the 7th position with the lowest round difference which of -16.


What Are Some Storylines To Watch Out for VALORANT Challengers League 2024 DACH Evolution: Split 1?

The tournament is currently in the early phases. MOUZ Esports has already defeated two teams who are currently in the top 4 while firmly in first place. Due to this, it does seem that they will have an easier 2nd phase of the tournament. Teams who make it in the top 2 positions don’t get a distinct advantage over the teams in 3rd or 4th position.


With Click on their team, SK Gaming does look like the team to watch out for. Having already lost to MOUZ, they have a good chance of keeping their spot in the top 4 in the group stage. With 6 teams having won just one game each, this could be one of the few VALORANT Challenger Leagues around the world to have no team that has not won a single game.



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