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Team Vitality Defeats Global Esports In Their First Match Of Convergence 2023

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Dec 18, 7:51 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Team Vitality met Global Esports in their first match of Convergence 2023.

  • Team Vitality looked unstoppable and claimed a 2-0 victory against Global Esports.

  • With their victory, Team Vitality will climb to Group A's points table.


After their first matchup at the Valorant Challengers Tour LOCK//IN: Sao Paulo, Global Esports and Team Vitality met again at Day 1 Convergence 2023 by Riot Games and The Esports Club. The Group A matchup was poised to be one of the more explosive moments of the tournament, given the two teams' history. 


For the first Valorant game, the teams entered Team Vitality's map pick, Sunset. Team Vitality looked more confident and controlled Sunset, securing a 13-5 victory on the first map. While Global Esports looked forward to a strong comeback, Team Vitality stopped any chance a comeback with a strowing showing and took Breeze with a 13-7 scoreline. Here is a quick recap of what went down during the matchup between Team Vitality and Global Esports. 


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Team Vitality Takes Down Global Esports In Their First Match At Convergence 2023



Global Esports and Team Vitality are part of Group A and met on the opening day of Convergence 2023 by Riot Games and The Esports Club. Here are the players competing in the Global Esports vs Team Vitality. 


  • Global Esports:
    •  Polvi
    • Lightningfast
    • Russ
    • blaZek1ng
    • skillZ


  • Team Vitality:
    • runneR
    • Kicks
    • Destrian
    • Sayf
    • ceNder



Team Vitality banned Bind, while Global Esports went on to ban Lotus. For the first map, teams went ahead with Vitality's map pic- Sunset. Global Esports started strong after winning the two opening rounds, but Team Vitality soon bounced back. With runneR's aggressive Raze gameplay, Team Vitality managed a 9-3 scoreline at the end of the first half.


Despite their efforts, Global Esports couldn't stop the European team as Team Vitality won the first map with a 13-5 scoreline, helping them secure the initial lead against Global Esports.



For the second map, it was time to enter Global Esports' map pick of Breeze. Despite a shaky start, Global Esports returned to the game as the Polvi, Lightningfast, and Russ trio made Vitality's life harder. With Polvi's operator and everyone's support, Global Esports managed to secure a 6-3 lead, but Team Vitality regained ground and was able to stop GE in their tracks. 


After the first half, there was no turning back for Team Vitality. The European team won back-to-back rounds in the second half, helping them get an upper hand with a 10-6 scoreline. Global Esports found it challenging to tackle Team Vitality and secured only one round in the second half. With a 13-7 scoreline, Team Vitality won the map of Breeze to secure their victory over Global Esports. Team Vitality will climb to Group A's points table with their dominating victory. 


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