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Gen.G Defeat True Rippers In The Opening Game Of Convergence 2023

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Dec 14, 12:12 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Gen.G went against True Rippers in the opening game of Convergence 2023 by Riot Games and The Esports Club.

  • After getting defeated on the first map, Gen.G matched to comeback in the later maps to win the series with a 2-1 scoreline.

  • With their victory over True Rippers, Gen.G will secure the top spot on the leaderboard.

Convergence 2023 by Riot Games and The Esports Club has started with a barn burner of a game between the local boys, True Rippers, and Team Gen.G from South Korea. True Rippers entered the main event of Convergence 2023 via the India Qualifiers after defeating Reckoning Esports in the grand finals. 


While True Rippers took an early lead by winning the first map of Lotus, Gen.G didn't give up. Thanks to t3xture's performance, Gen.G made an explosive comeback in the second half and won the map of Ascent to equalize the map points. On the final map of Haven, Gen.G won the battle of attrition against True Rippers and won the decider game, winning the series with a 2-1 scoreline. Here is a quick recap of what went down in the game between True Rippers and Gen.G in the opening match of Convergence 2023. 


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Gen.G Wins The First Game Of Convergence 2023 As They Defeat True Rippers With A 2-1 Scoreline



True Rippers and Gen.G met in Group ABs opening game of Convergence 2023 at the Manpho Convention Centre, Bengaluru. Here are the players competing in the True Rippers vs Gen.G opening match.


  • Gen.G:
    • t3xture
    • Lakia
    • Munchkin
    • Meteor
    • Karon


  • True Rippers:
    • Aryu
    • Deathmaker
    • Techno
    • d1srupt
    • hellff


During the map veto, Gen.G picked the map of Lotus to begin the series. While Lotus was Gen.G's pick, True Rippers were prepared and controlled the game. True Rippers took an early lead by winning the pistol round, but Gen.G managed to equalize the scoreline by the end of the first half. Aryu from True Rippers assumed the role of Killjoy, but the defensive role didn't stop him from decimating his opponents as he bagged back-to-back 4Ks in the 4th and 5th rounds. 



In the second half of the game, Deathmaker from True Rippers gained momentum on his Raze and took down players from Gen.G with his operator. Gen.G did try to come back as Munchkin secured a 2k to win the 21st round. Thanks to Aryu's 31 kills and Deathmaker's support with 21 frags, True Rippers won the map of Lotus with a 13-8 scoreline. 


True Rippers' pick of Ascent was the battleground for the second game, and fans were expecting True Rippers to continue their domination. Gen.G decided to clear their head and start the map of Ascent with a fresh start. Gen.G started Ascent strong, showcasing that they are here to win. True Rippers found it challenging to stop Gen.G, as the latter went to win back-to-back rounds with the help of Meteor's and t3xture's 3Ks. 


Thanks to t3xture's Jett plays, Gen.G had a 10-2 scoreline at the end of the first half, helping them to secure a much needed lead. True Rippers tried to make a comeback in the second half but secured four rounds before Gen.G closed the map with a 13-6 scoreline. t3xture secured the MVP title for his 22 kills with just eight deaths on the map of Ascent. 


As the game progressed to the decider map of Haven, fans were expecting both teams to show their best Valorant gameplay. True Rippers started strong by winning back-to-back rounds but couldn't sustain the lead as Gen.G secured three rounds to secure a 3-2 scoreline. d1srupt's 4K in the 6th round and Techno's multi-frags in the subsequent rounds helped True Rippers equalize the score and convert it into a 9-3 lead.


Gen.G had to do something magical to activate the 9-3 curse. Gen.G was under pressure and managed to shift the pressure back to True Rippers. Thanks to their consistent performance, Gen.G got the better of True Rippers and pushed the game to overtime. True Rippers looked helpless as Gen.G snatched the victory from the hands of their opponents and won the map of Haven with a 14-12 scoreline. With that victory, Gen.G will secure the top spot on the leaderboard. 

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