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Team Omega Wins APL Winter Showdown Season 2

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Dec 28, 6:37 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Team Omega snatched the victory from the hands of WSB Gaming to crown themself as the APL Winter Showdown Season 2 champions.

  • Team Omega secured four Chicken Dinners to win the tournament and the Rs. 4,75,000 prize money.

  • NinjaJOD from Team Omega became the tournament MVP, winning Rs. 50,000 prize money.

Amidst the entire BGMI rostermania, the Indian BGMI community witnessed an intense battle at the APL Winter Showdown Season 2. Team Omega (formerly Team Soul) snatched victory from the hands of WSB Gaming, crowning themselves as the APL Winter Showdown Season 2 champions. The three-day grand finals between the top sixteen teams ended in favor of Team Omega, who claimed the lion's share of the Rs 12,00,000 prize pool.


The tournament commenced on December 21, 2023, with India's top 24 BGMI teams competing in the APL Winter Showdown Season 2 semifinals. Teams were divided into three groups of 8 teams each and played in a round-robin format for four days, with the top sixteen teams advancing to the grand finals. Despite a shaky finish in the semifinals, Team Omega overcame their mistakes to secure victory in the grand finals of APL Winter Showdown Season 2.


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Team Omega Snatched The APL Winter Showdown Season 2 Title From The Hands Of WSB Gaming



After day two of APL Winter Showdown Season 2, WSB Gaming held the top position on the leaderboard with 123 points. With a difference of merely 4 points, Team Omega needed to demonstrate consistent and superior gameplay compared to the table-toppers WSB Gaming or Global Esports, that were sitting in third place. While Team Omega couldn't start the day on a stronger note, the team won the second and third games, keeping themselves alive in the race for the top spot.


Following the third game, Team Omega couldn't capitalize on their Chicken Dinners to maintain the lead, as WSB Gaming secured the third Chicken Dinner of the tournament in the subsequent match. The battle between Team Omega and WSB Gaming intensified when the latter earned 16 points from the second-last game of the day. With WSB Gaming in first place, Team Omega had to survive longer and secure more finish points in the day's final game for themselves.


Team Omega successfully eliminated WSB Gaming in fourth place, securing seven finish points to claim the top spot and emerge as the winners of APL Winter Showdown Season 2. Team Omega's star player, NinjaJOD, earned the MVP title and won Rs. 50,000 in prize money, while the team grabbed Rs. 4,75,000 from the Rs. 12,00,000 prize pool. The players competing for Team Omega were Omega, NinjaJOD, Hector, Neyo, and Akshat, with Amit Dubey working in the backend as the coach.


Here are the top five teams from the APL Winter Showdown Season 2 alongside the Rs. 12,00,000 prize pool distribution chart:

  1. Team Omega - Rs. 4,75,000
  2. WSB Gaming - Rs. 3,00,000
  3. Global Esports - Rs. 2,00,000
  4. Revenant Esports - Rs. 1,00,00
  5. Big Brother Esports - Rs. 50,000

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