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FUT Esports Pull Off Phenomenal Comeback To Win Valorant Convergence 2023

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Dec 17, 1:54 PM   |   6 min read

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  • FUT Esports defeated Team Vitality in the grand finals to win the Valorant Convergence 2023.

  • While Team Vitality had a massive lead in the second and third maps, the European team couldn't convert their lead to a victory.

  • With that victory, FUT Esports proved themselves worthy of lifting the glamorous Convergence 2023 trophy and the prize money of $25,000.

After a fun Valorant influencer showmatch, it was time for the Convergence 2023 grand finals match between FUT Esports and Team Vitality. Both teams proved themselves worthy of the finalist slot after defeating every team in their way. Coming into the game, Team Vitality held the record of not dropping a single map at Convergence 2023 by Riot Games and The Esports Club. 


While Team Vitality looked a bit rusty on the map of Ascent, with runneR's MVP performance, Vitality won against FUT Esports with a 13-11 scoreline. When everyone thought Sunset was an easy win for Vitality, FUT Esports made a comeback after trailing by seven rounds and winning the map with a 13-11 scoreline. The subsequent maps were wild as FUT and Vitality gave everything they got to win the game. In the end, FUT Esports proved themselves better than Team Vitality to win the grand finals. Here is what happened at the Convergence 2023 grand finals match between FUT Esports and Team Vitality.


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FUT Esports Bounces Back Against Team Vitality To Win Convergence 2023 Grand Finals



The Convergence 2023 grand final game between Team Vitality and FUT Esports was a best-of-five matchup, where fans expected teams to showcase their best Valorant game. Here are the players competing in the Team Vitality vs FUT Esports grand finals game.


  • Team Vitality:
    • runneR
    • Kicks
    • Destrian
    • Sayf
    • ceNder


  • FUT Esports:
    • cNed
    • qRaxs
    • AtaKaptan
    • MrFaliN
    • yetujey



At the beginning of the grand finals, FUT Esports banned the map of Breeze, while Team Vitality went ahead with the Bind ban. For the first game, it was Team Vitality going against FUT Esports on the latter's map pick of Ascent. Team Vitality took the early lead, winning the pistol round after starting on the defensive side, but FUT quickly recovered to equalize the scoreline to 2-2. After Vitality was down by 5-2, they opted for a tactical timeout, which helped them secure back-to-back rounds, resulting in a 7-5 scoreline in their favour. 


Every member of Team Vitality was doing their job helping Vitality win back-to-back seven rounds before FUT broke Vitality's streak in the 15th round. In the 17th round, FUT overwhelmed Vitality to get back in the game as Vitality's aim looked shaky against the Turkish. While FUT tried to snatch the first map from the hands of Vitality, the European giants managed to decimate FUT before entering overtime. With runneR's MVP performance, Vitality won the map of Ascent with a 13-11 scoreline.



For the second game, teams entered the Vitality map pick of Sunset. Team Vitality continued dominating Sunset as they started destroying FUT from the pistol round itself. FUT Esports had yet to learn how to tackle Vitality's attack as the latter went on to win back-to-back five rounds, forcing FUT to opt for an early timeout. After struggling for seven rounds, qRaxs secured a 4K for FUT to help them win their first round. Despite a traumatizing start, FUT made a comeback in the first half to reduce the gap to 8-4 in Vitality's favour.


FUT Esports was not ready to give up as they won the second half's pistol round to continue their comeback. When it seemed that FUT was taking the game away from Vitality, the latter slowed down to get control of the game. After winning two back-to-back rounds in the second half, Vitality took the charge to stop FUT's comeback in the game. AtaKaptan re-initiated FUT's comeback after winning a crucial 1v2 in the 17th round, followed by an ace in the subsequent round. Slowly, FUT got a hold of the game as they secured the 13-11 victory on the Sunset, with qRaxs coming out on top as the MVP with 24 kills and 261 ACS.



Team Vitality replicated their start from the second game on FUT's map pick of Lotus as the team started on the attacking side to decimate FUT's players. Sayf and ceNder led Vitality's campaign as the team continued to win ten rounds to overwhelm their Turkish opponents back-to-back. In the eleventh round, FUT secured their first round with the help of cNed's 4K. By the end of the first half, Vitality was in the lead with a 10-2 scoreline. 


While Vitality was replicating their start from the second map, FUT was interested in ending the map of Lotus in their favour. After losing the pistol round, the dormant cNed was awake as FUT Esports won nine back-to-back rounds to enter the double digits to equalize the scoreline to 11-11. FUT Esports continued their run as they destroyed Vitality to win Lotus with a 13-11 scoreline, with MrFaliN becoming the game MVP with 20 frags and 254 ACS. 



The fourth map of Haven was a do-or-die match for Team Vitality, as FUT Esports was leading with a 2-1 scoreline. cNed and qRaxs activated their beast mode as the team went on to win back-to-back five rounds in the first half. While it seemed that FUT would take a significant lead in the first half, Team Vitality made a comeback to equalize the scoreline. By the end of the first half, the scoreline read 6-6, and it seemed that the map could go in anyone's favour.


FUT Esports didn't let the equalizer affect them, as cNed and qRaxs helped FUT to win five back-to-back rounds. Team Vitality stepped up to win their first round in the second half, followed by an ace by the Swedish sentinel Sayf to reduce the round difference to three. FUT didn't let Sayf's ace get in their head as they continued to win their 12th round. FUT continued their domination as they pushed the C-site aggressively to take down Team Vitality and win the grand finals of Convergence 2023. With that victory, FUT Esports proved themselves worthy of lifting the glamorous Convergence 2023 trophy. 

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