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Team iFlicks' BGMI Roster Joins Hyderabad Hydras

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Mar 11, 4:56 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Former PUBG PC professional Nishant “iFlicks” Murlidharan scouted underdog players for Team iFlicks, who are now joining Hyderabad Hydras.

  • Team iFlicks, now part of Hyderabad Hydras, showcased consistent performance in the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series, securing the fifth position.

  • Despite challenges in the LAN finals, the team displayed remarkable gameplay, securing three Chicken Dinners, including back-to-back victories.

The BGMI esports ecosystem regularly witnesses the rise of underdogs, who give a tough fight to the top-tier teams. One such underdog team is Team iFlicks which has impressed BGMI fans with its gameplay and competitive spirit. After performing well in the previous tourneys, Team iFlicks is set to join a full-fledged organization, Hyderabad Hydras, and will play under the banner of Hyderabad Hydras.


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Team iFlicks, BGMI Underdogs, Will Compete Under The Banner Of Hyderabad Hydras



Nishant “iFlicks” Murlidharan, a former PUBG PC professional esports athlete, scouted the players for his Team iFlicks, who will be joining Hyderabad Hydras. The players scouted by iFlicks were underdogs, and iFlicks offered them the opportunity to nurture them. After several BGMI tournaments, the team is ready to join Hyderabad Hydras. Hyderabad Hydras has officially announced that Team iFlicks has transitioned into Hyderabad Hydras. The players who will play under the banner of Hyderabad Hydras are:


  • Insidious
  • Moksh
  • Madwreck
  • Vishu
  • Crypto


While fans suspected that the players from Team iFlicks would join Hyderabad Hydras, there was no confirmation about when Hyderabad Hydras will make that announcement until ESL Snapdragon Pro Series BGMI. iFlicks confirmed at ESL Snapdragon Pro Series that the official announcement will be made after the tournament, and the team is constantly working on the announcement video. 


iFlicks also shared that he and Hyderabad Hydras have discussed the arrangement for scouting underdog players in BGMI. iFlicks said that he will be scouting the underdog players and nurturing them, as he did with current Hyderabad Hydras, and once the players are ready, they will join Hyderabad Hydras.


Hyderabad Hydras (former Team iFlicks) played in the ESL Snapdragon Pro Series and consistently performed in the Challenge Season. After playing 36 matches, Team iFlicks secured the fifth position in the Challenge Season and qualified for the Challenge LAN Finals. While the team couldn’t replicate their consistency on LAN, they grabbed three Chicken Dinners in 18 matches and were the first team to win back-to-back Chicken Dinners. 

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