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SaggY Announces Comeback In BGMI Esports, To Play In BGMS 2

Aaryanshi Mohan  |   Jul 26, 11:51 AM   |   5 min read

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Months after being caught hacking, Sagar 'SaggY' Kumar, who used to play for Enigma Gaming has made a comeback in BGMI Esports. This news started making rounds after SaggY uploaded an Instagram story saying his grind for 1.5 years has finally become fruitful as he and his new team have qualified for Nodwin's BGMS season 2.


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SaggY Announces Comeback In BGMI Esports

When the news broke, the community was enraged to learn that a hacker was making a return. The community has now come together to call Nodwin Gaming out for giving a cheater a chance.


In the Instagram post, SaggY said that he's going to make a comeback in the competitive scene because he worked hard during the time he was banned, and now, he will be competing in BGMS 2.

saggy bgms 2 hacking allegations

He also added that the qualification happened when they were playing on Nodwin-approved devices and footage of the gameplay was checked by their management.

"All my POVs have been checked and so have my devices. I hope you take it in a good way and let our gameplay decide the rest."


Earlier, SaggY was caught hacking on stream when he was playing from Enigma Gaming. As a result, he was let go of by the team and disabled his social media account because of the hate that was coming his way.


When he announced his return to esports, the news didn't sit well with other organisations and owners who voiced their discomfort with his comeback to esports. As far as BGMS is concerned, a total of 24 teams will be playing the LAN. Out of these, 14 are invited teams, and 10 have earned their spot from the Qualifiers. The matches will be broadcasted live on Star Sports from August 4, 2023 onwards.

An avid battle royale player with a special love for BGMI, Aaryanshi prefers mobile gaming over PC. When not grinding in BGMI, you can find her writing or escaping outside.




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