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Revenant Esports Makes Playoffs Of Brawl Stars World Finals 2023

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Nov 25, 4:59 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Revenant Esports qualifies for Brawl Stars World Finals 2023 playoffs.

  • Sergeant Clash's standout performance contributes to Revenant Esports' Group A success.

  • Revenant Esports to play their playoff matches on day three (26 November 2023) of Brawl Stars World Finals 2023.

After defeating every opponent at the Brawl Stars Championship 2023: Last Chance Qualifiers, Revenant Esports became the only Indian team to qualify for the World Finals 2023. The Brawl Stars World Finals 2023 Group Stages began on 24 November 2023 at the Elmia Exhibition and Convention Centre in Sweden. Revenant Esports was part of Group A alongside North American juggernauts Luminosity Gaming and BC* Gaming. After day one of the Group Stages, Revenant Esports qualified for the playoffs of the World Finals 2023 and are one step closer to the Brawl Stars World Finals 2023 championship title.


The top twelve teams across the globe are competing against each other in Sweden for the glorious World Finals 2023 trophy and the lion's share of the $750,000 prize pool. After the group stages, teams including Revenant Esports, will advance into the single-elimination playoffs, which will begin from 26 November 2023. 


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Revenant Esports Advances To The Playoffs Of Brawl Stars World Finals 2023



Revenant Esports, Luminosity Gaming and BC* Gaming were part of Group A, which played on the first day of the World Finals 2023. All the matches were best-of-five games. Revenant's run in the Group Stages began with their matchup against fan favourites Luminosity Gaming. Luminosity Gaming took an early lead by defeating Revenant in the first two maps. Revenant tried to make a comeback, managing to secure the third game, but were unable to continue with their winning form, dropping the next map. With a 3-1 scoreline, Luminosity secured their first victory. 


Luminosity Gaming continued their momentum in the second game against BC* Gaming and was sitting on the top of the group with a clean 2-0 score. Revenant Esports could still qualify for the playoffs if they defeated BC* Gaming in their second group-stage matchup. The game against BC* Gaming was a nail-biter as BC* was leading with a 2-1 scoreline at the halfway point. Thanks to Sergeant Clash's performance, Revenant Esports won the final two games and qualified for the playoffs. 


While talking about the team's group stage performance and their playoffs qualification, the in-game leader of Revenant Esports, Sergeant Clash, said:


"Coming into the Group Stage of the Brawl Stars World Finals 2023, we knew we had what it took to make it to the Playoffs. We lost to Luminosity in the first match due to some errors, but we didn’t let that set us down, and worked together to rectify them. It’s a truly exhilarating feeling that we could take down BC Gaming and make it to the Playoffs. Our team is taking it one game at a time, and kudos to the boys for keeping their nerves in such a high-stakes tournament."



Revenant Esports and Luminosity Gaming from Group A and Tribe Gaming and Totem Esports from Group B are in the playoffs. Group C and D will play their match today, 25 November 2023, and the table topper from Group C will play against Revenant Esports in the playoffs on 26 November 2023. The Grand Finals of the Brawl Stars World Finals 2023 will take place on 26 November 2023, and the winner will receive $250,000 out of the $750,000 prize pool. 

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