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India's Orangutan X and GE Phoenix Place 3rd and 4th in Valorant Champions Tour APAC Open 2

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Jun 16, 6:48 AM   |   5 min read

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VCT Game Changers 2023 Asia Pacific Open 2 has come to an end with the Indian teams putting up a decent performance. Game Changers is the yearly international event held for female pro Valorant teams across the world. The best teams compete for a ticket to the VCT Game Changers: Championship.


Currently, Orangutan X and Global Esports Phoenix are the only Indian orgs in Game Changers Pacific. GE Phoenix fields a full Indian lineup and Orangutan X has India’s (and arguably, Asia Pacific’s) best controller player, Casper.


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Indian Teams in the VCT Game Changers 



Global Esports Phoenix is the official Game Changers roster of Global Esports. The organization announced the roster on March 9th, through social media platforms. Initially, the roster included Syeeda “Rose” Tabassum, Saloni “Meow16k” Pawar, Jagruti “Hyphae” Moholkar, Akanksha “Muffinloop” Sukhramani, Abisha “Baila” Joseph and Keerti “KiRi” Mirani. Later, on May 30th GE announced the departure of Hyphae from the roster. The team began their professional journey officially during their first VCT GC APAC Open 1, where they had placed 5th – 6th losing their grounds against Orangutan X. Later during APAC Open 2, Global Esports seemed to have a better run with them eliminating RRQ Kaguya from the tournament. However, the team got eliminated from the tournament by their rivals, Orangutan X again.



Orangutan X, on the contrary, fields an international lineup of players from the Pacific region. Initially, the organization announced their GC roster on March 8th of 2022 with players like Sway and Kachow. Although they have been dominant for quite a while now, they are still trailing teams like SMG GC and Full Sense Sapphire for the contention spot of the best Game Changers team in the Pacific.

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