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Medal Esports Sign 1TapGod To Valorant Roster

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Sep 21, 8:17 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Medal Esports has announced the addition of 1TapGod to their Valorant roster.

  • 1TapGod will be taking up the primary duelist role in the team.

  • 1TapGod previously played for Revenant Esports.


Medal Esports has announced the addition of Indian Valorant prodigy, Sahil "1TapGod" Dube to their roster. The player will be the primary duelist of the team. With his arrival, Medal looks like a strong contender for the upcoming VCSA season.


Previously, Dube played for Revenant Esports. However, he couldn't show his true potential in the team as he was benched for most of his tenure. Other players like Paradox took center stage on the team. In his new journey, 1TapGod is now looking forward to a fresh start and a strong VCSA 2024 campaign with his new squad.


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1TapGod Joins Medal Esports For Upcoming VCSA Season


In the upcoming season, 1TapGod will be taking up the primary duelist role in the team. The player has shown solid mechanical skill on Jett and only a few players in South Asia can compare. Currently, Medal Esports has players like Whimp and Blackhawk who bring the knowledge and experience required for a team to succeed. Recently the team reached the Grand Finals of the Intel Gamer Days LAN Valorant tournament where they went up against Aster Army. Although Medal Esports couldn't make their mark during Challengers South Asia, the team definitely looks a lot stronger with their latest roster moves.


South Asia is currently one of the weakest regions in Asian Valorant. Although the region has talented players like 1TapGod, they seem to struggle a lot internationally. In the recent Pacific Ascension, Orangutan represented South Asia but didn't manage to rack up even a single victory in the tournament. As a result, they were placed last, after which the South Asian community received immense criticism. 


Global Esports, the sole Indian representative at VCT Pacific went with an international roster, making space for only two domestic players in the team during the 2023 season. Being from an underperforming region like South Asia, Medal Esports has a lot of work to do to make it to the big leagues and secure some victories.

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