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Ludwig Leaks Details About His Showmatch Series With MxS, Sentinels To Be First Participant

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Oct 5, 1:21 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Ludwig shares details about a showmatch between MxS and Sentinels at the end of October.

  • Sentinels will be the first team to participate in monthly showmatches against MxS.

  • Tarik will be joining Ludwig as a caster and will commentate throughout the showmatch.


After announcing their final roster for the upcoming season, fans might be able to see Sentinels in the server soon. Ludwig recently confirmed their participation in his show match series as part of the Valorant OFF//Season. In his recent livestreams on YouTube, Ludwig talked about his interest in organizing show matches, pitting his team, Moist x Shopify (MxS), against North American Valorant giants. Sentinel's content creator, Tarik, will join Ludwig in commentating throughout the show matches.


After a crushing defeat against Cloud9 in Red Bull Double Agent, Showmatches With Disruption and Without Disruption, MxS will look forward to showcasing its learnings against Sentinels in the upcoming showmatch.


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Sentinels To Play Their First OFF//Season Match Against MxS in the Upcoming Showmatch Series by Ludwig



After adding Mohamed 'Johnqt' Amine Ouarid as the IGL, Sentinels might have found their missing piece to end their dry spell in Valorant. After adding Johnqt, here is what the roster looks like: Johnqt (IGL), Pancada, Tenz, Zekken, Sacy, Marved, Zellsis (substitute), and Kaplan as their head coach. While it is unclear how the playing five will look, Marved may be on the bench for this one. 


While discussing the upcoming showmatch series, Ludwig, co-owner of Moist x Shopify, shared that he plans to get LOUD, Paper Rex, and Fnatic onboard with his monthly showmatch series, he says:


"We are going to do best-of-five showmatches against the dopest teams. Like, I want MxS to do showmatches against Sentinels, against LOUD, PRX, Fnatic, like, whoever will play us in OFF//Season, will play a best-of-five, once a month."


After showing his interest in MxS showmatches, Ludwig shared that MxS will be playing a showmatch against Sentinels at the end of October and Tarik will be joining him at the watch party. Ludwig is yet to announce the format and timings for the games. 


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