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Kerala Government Partners With NoScope And Beta To Launch Kerala Esports Apex

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Jan 27, 10:49 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Kerala government partners with NoScope Gaming and Beta Group to launch Kerala Esports Apex to promote the esports ecosystem in the state.

  • Kerala Esports Apex to nurture esports culture, focusing on education, training, and industry development.

  • Esports integrated into Kerala's school and college curriculum, aiming to make the state a global esports leader.

From 23 January to 26 January 2024, Greenfield Sports Hub, Thiruvananthapuram, hosted the International Sports Summit Kerala, where the Kerala ministry came together to announce several sports initiatives. In addition to traditional sports, the Kerala government acknowledged the esports sector and also partnered with two organisations, NoScope Gaming and Beta Group, to launch the Kerala Esports Apex (KEA). 


The Kerala government's aim with Kerala Esports Apex is to create an esports ecosystem in Kerala and nurture the professionals to make Kerala one of the global leaders in the esports industry. Kerala Esports Apex will promote esports by introducing it to students in schools and colleges and providing them with a world-class competitive gaming environment with advanced training programs and policies. 


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Kerala Government To Focus On Development Of Esports With The Kerala Esports Apex Initiative



Kerala Esports Apex (KEA), a joint initiative by the Kerala government, NoScope Gaming and Beta Group, will focus on nurturing and fostering the esports culture in Kerala at the grassroots level. KEA will introduce esports as a part of their school and college curriculum and provide students with dedicated esports camps, technology-driven facilities and world-class coaches. In addition to the training programs, KEA will also spread the importance of health and well-being in the esports industry. Before the International Sports Summit Kerala, V. Abdurahiman, Kerala Sports Minister, mentioned "looking at new fields" in sports. He said (via The Hindu)


We are looking to develop the sports economy in the state and perhaps we are the first state in the country to do so. We are looking at new fields, new sports models and to develop sports from the micro-level, from the village, panchayat and district levels which will help improve things at the State-level. This will also help generate employment, through appointment of coaches, in a big way.


Kerala becomes the second state after Bihar to introduce esports in school and college curricula. After organising the first-ever Bihar State Esports Open Championship, Shri Jitendra Kumar Rai, Minister of Art, Culture & Youth Department, Bihar, talked about creating new policies for esports. He said:


The objective is to incorporate an esports training program in schools and colleges as part of a talent identification Program.


The government's support and interest in the esports sector help create confidence among the stakeholders. After hearing about the Kerala and Bihar government's initiatives towards the esports sector, the stakeholders and professionals hope the central government can create some supportive policies for Indian esports in the upcoming budget announcement. Animesh "Thug" Agarwal, Founder and CEO of 8Bit Creatives and Co-Founder of S8UL, expressed his expectations by saying:


The Esports industry is growing at an impressive percentage and is only forecasted to grow. We hope for fair support and conducive policies from the government in the upcoming budget to further foster this growth.

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