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Indian Esports Industry Raise Concerns Over SaggY's Return to BGMI Esports

Aaryanshi Mohan  |   Jul 26, 3:55 PM   |   6 min read

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Sagar 'SaggY' Kumar's rise from the boycott he faced in the last 18 months has given birth to another controversy as SaggY revealed in an Instagram story that he and his team have qualified for BGMS 2, an event organised by Nodwin Gaming.

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Saggy's Return In BGMI Rattles Indian Esports Industry



After the news spread, a lot of Esports organisations' owners came out and opposed his team's qualification. All of the owners and tournament organisers said that alleged hackers should not be given a second chance because cheating is unethical and has affected the careers of many. Not just team owners and tournament organisers but players have also raised their concerns against his qualification. Rushindra Sinha, the founder of Global Esports said: 


"I’m all for second chances; everyone who knows me knows that I strongly believe in second chances and that everyone deserves another shot, BUT not when it wasn’t a mistake. This was a case of someone intentionally CHEATING or HACKING willingly (not accidentally) to get an unfair advantage in the game and robbing others of that opportunity. If someone was caught doing something like this in sports, they wouldn’t be let back in. I’m all for comeback stories, but this isn’t one of them. This isn’t about how hard he’s worked the last 18 months, but the fact that he willingly chose to compromise the competitive integrity of the sport for his own personal fame and gain. This is NOT okay."he 


Kartik Sabherwal, the founder of Upthrust Esports also raised his voice against Nodwin Gaming even letting SaggY play. He said: 


"I know there’s no governing body for esports that regulates or streamlines things with proper rule sets! But I believe we will never reach that stage if things like these happen! Hacking is illegal and destroys the spirit of competition! If we don’t take a stand against it or unite as one, then we are in the wrong boat. If some e-athlete tried to hack or disturb the competitive spirit of the game, he or she must be banned for a minimum period of 3 years from all the competitive events!" 


When SaggY was hacking, one of the Esports players raised suspicion on how SaggY knew their location, but his hacks were revealed on stream. This led to his suspension and boycott from the BGMI Esports scene.

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