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GodLike Esports Announce Arrival of Spower To BGMI Squad

Aaryanshi Mohan  |   Jul 19, 12:33 PM   |   5 min read

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GodLike Esports has officially announced the arrival of Spower to their BGMI team. In a video uploaded on YouTube, the Esports organisation confirmed the rumors and effectively put an end to the speculation. Before joining GodLike, Spower was a part of Blind Esports' BGMI squad but parted ways with the organisation very recently. Despite the controversial exit mid-tournament, Spower addressed the situation and is now looking forward to the next chapter in his journey.

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Spower Officially Joins GodLike Esports

Before his recent stint at Blind Esports, Spower was originally in GodLike Esports but was never a part of the official lineup because of his age. However, that didn't stop him from competing in scrims and turning out to be an absolute beast on the battlefield. The Indian Gaming Community was eagerly awaiting Spower's arrival in the professional scene and with Blind Esports, Spower won a lot of MVP titles and is looking forward to winning some more with GodLike Esports.


With the addition of Spower,  GodLike Esports' lineup will turn into a six-man roster. Currently, Shadow, Clutchgod, Zgod, Neyo and Jonathan are the playing five. With the addition of Spower, it will be interesting to see how GodLike Esports' strategy changes.


Before this official announcement, Blind Esports' IGL, ManYa, stated in an interview that Spower was made to sit out six matches and was given a day's break because of communication issues before his eventual removal. ManYa later said that Spower was running behind the MVP title and was not playing as a team player and was costing the whole team their position in a tournament.


"Sometimes he had to go out. One day he decided he didn't want to play. The third day he said that his father isn't allowing him to play anymore"


Spower responded to these allegations by saying he waited four years for this opportunity, and would not do anything that would impact his or his team's performance at any stage. It will be interesting to see how his journey pans out with his return to GodLike. 


An avid battle royale player with a special love for BGMI, Aaryanshi prefers mobile gaming over PC. When not grinding in BGMI, you can find her writing or escaping outside.




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