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Florida Mayhem Crowned Champions Of Overwatch League 2023

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Oct 3, 1:10 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Florida Mayhem and Houston Outlaws were the Grand Finalists of OWL 2023.

  • Florida Mayhem defeated Houston Outlaws with a clean 4-0 scoreline and got crowned as the Champions of OWL 2023.

  • The community was emotional as they bid farewell to the much-loved League as chances of the circuit returning for another season are slim.


With the conclusion of the 2023 season, Florida Mayhem has taken the OWL Championship crown. After defeating Houston Outlaws with a 4-0 scoreline, Florida Mayhem has conquered the League. Considering the uncertainty of the game’s esports circuit in the future, OWL host, Soe Gschwind shared an emotional message with fans to conclude the League’s legacy.


Rumors about OW League possibly coming to an end surfaced in 2023, labeling this the last franchise circuit of the game. After suffering repeated losses and trending downward, it is unlikely that Blizzard will host OWL for another season.

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Overwatch League Comes To An End With Florida Mayhem Winning It All


The Grand Finals took place in Toronto, Canada. Both the Grand Finalists had to overcome their limits all the way from Groups to finally secure the tickets to the Grand Finals. Initially, things were not looking good for Florida as Outlaws’ Someone pushed the team with Reinhardt. Being the regular season MVP, the Reinhardt player lived up to his name. However, Florida’s DPS player, MER1T was not looking to go down without a fight as he slowly helped the team regain map control with his Sigma, turning the tides.



The community bid the League farewell with a Mayhem win as it was their first and likely their last victory in OWL. Almost every player from Florida Mayhem secured clutch kills, proving how strong the team mechanics were. 

As a closing note Gschwind expressed her gratitude while concluding the OWL Grand Finals 2023:


“You out there, the fans, your cheers, your tears, the unwavering support, you were the lifeblood of this League,” 


It was clearly visible how emotional the entire stage was as the host ended her speech with tears. With the Overwatch League unlikely to return, the game’s esports might never be the same again.

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