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Day 2 Schedule Skyesports Masters LAN: CS:GO Grand Finals, Creators Showdown, Exclusive Music Party with Karma and Mortal and More

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Aug 27, 6:25 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Revenant Esports will be against Gods Reign in Skyesports Masters Finals

  • Day Two will host CS:GO show match featuring creators like Sc0ut, Xyaa and More

  • An Exclusive Music Party will be live at the venue featuring Karma and Mortal


After a successful run of Day One of the Skyesports Masters LAN event, fans are eager to witness the Grand Finals between Gods Reign and Revenant Esports on Day Two. 27 August 2023 will be the final day of Skyesports Masters, where the fans will get their champions for the event, enjoy the Sunday with their favourite creators with Music Performances featuring Karma and Mortal.


All the Bengaluru fans can attend the Koramangala Indoor Stadium event and enjoy the final day of Skyesports Masters with their favourite creators.


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Skyesports Masters Day 2 LAN to Feature CS:GO Grand Finals, Music Performances, and More



Day One of Skyesports LAN saw an intense fight between the semi-final teams, and they entertained the audience to the fullest. After the two semi-finals, Revenant Esports(winners of the first semi-final against 7SEA Esports) and Gods Reign(winners of the second semi-final against Marcos Gaming) will be facing each other in the Grand Finals of Skyesports Masters. The match will be a best-of-three matchup, and the Grand Finals winner will take Rs. 44,25,000 prize money home with them. 



Alongside the CS:GO Grand Finals, Skyesports Masters will feature The Ultimate Showdown between the top creators in a CS:GO game. The teams for the show match will be HydraFlick, Paradox, Sway, Mili, and Jimmy Gaming against Xyaa, TBone Gaming, fa2, Sc0ut and Rakazone Gaming. Later, Karma and Mortal will take over the crowd with an exclusive Music Party at the Skyesports Masters LAN event. 


Special gaming booths by Flipkart, Lenovo, Asus, MSI, AMD x Windows 11 and Zebronics will be open to everyone, where all the fans can play their favourite games in their booths. Fans will also be able to interact with the creators throughout the day. Skyesports Masters will also organise a giveaway for the event's audience. Fans can join everyone at Koramangala Indoor Stadium in Bengaluru by booking their tickets on Insider for free. The fans at home can watch the event live on Skyesports' Official YouTube Channel and Loco Channel.

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