VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: EMEA Stage 1


VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: EMEA Stage 1 Details: Schedule, Format Fixture List

Bryan "Dracorexia" Francis   |  April 2th, 2024, 4:45  |  2 min read

VALORANT Masters Madrid has finally ended after an exhilarating grand finale. Sentinels won the grand finals against Gen G in their best-of-5 series with a score of 3-2. This achievement made Sentinels the only team in the world to win 2 VCT Masters trophies. Following this event, each VALORANT regional league is slated to begin in the first week of April.  In this guide, let’s look at all the participating teams and the format for this event.


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All Teams Participating in VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: EMEA Stage 1 and Their Groups

A total of 11 teams will be a part of the upcoming VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: EMEA Stage 1. They will be split into a total of 2 groups:

emea group.jpg

Group Alpha:


  • Karmine Corp
  • Team Vitality 
  • Team Liquid 
  • BBL Esports


Group Omega

  • Team Heretics
  • Natus Vincere
  • Movistar KOI
  • FUT Esports
  • Gentle Mates



VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: EMEA Stage 1 Format:

This season, the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: EMEA League is unique compared to last year. The first stage of the tournament will consist of two phases: the group stage and the Playoffs.

EMEA fixture.jpeg

Group Stage


During the group stage phase, each team in Group Alpha will face off against each team in Group Omega. This means that a team from Group Alpha will play a total of 6 matches, and a team from Group Omega will play five games. Each of these fixtures will be a best-of-3 series. The top 3 teams from each group will qualify for the playoffs phase of VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: EMEA Stage 1. The winners of each group will receive a bye to the Upper Bracket Semifinals. The teams who finish 2nd and 3rd will advance to the Knockout Round.


Playoffs Stage:

Following the group stage, the top 6 teams will face off in a double-bracket elimination format. The top 2 teams at the end will face each other in a best-of-5 series in the Grand Finals.

VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: EMEA Stage 1 Championship Points

emea win.jpg
This year, VALORANT introduced a new points system known as Championship Points. These points are allocated to teams based on their performance during the league stage and each international event. The winners of each VCT Kickoff tournament and VALORANT Masters Madrid received 3 Championship Points.

During the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024, EMEA Stage 1 teams that finish at the top of their respective groups will receive 1 Championship Point. The team that wins VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: EMEA Stage 1 will receive 3 Championship Points.


When and Where to Watch?

VCTSeason24PrimerHeader4 (1).jpg

Gamers can tune into the VALORANT Champions Tour 2024: EMEA Stage 1 through VCT's official channels on Twitch and YouTube. Riot also broadcasts each game in different languages, including Portuguese, Spanish, and Turkish.




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