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TenZ Responds To The Community Backlash Over His New Secret Mouse Pricing And Incomplete Design

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Nov 30, 7:26 AM   |   6 min read

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  • TenZ faces community criticism for $196 TenZ Secret Mouse preorders without a finalized design.

  • Apology issued; all preorders for TenZ Secret Mouse frozen, enabling customers to opt out and receive refunds.

  • TenZ shares an early prototype of Secret Mouse, targeting a weight of 50 grams.


Tyson TenZ Ngo, the first-person shooter prodigy from Canada, is currently a professional Valorant esports player for Sentinels. TenZ is known for his mechanical skills and knowledge, which he has shared over his live streams and in Valorant tournaments. TenZ is a "mouse aficionado" himself, and with the help of his knowledge and experience, TenZ partnered with Prodigy Agency to launch TenZ Secret Mouse: Founder's Edition. TenZ Secret Mouse was made available to preorder on 27 November 2023, but due to the high pricing and incomplete design, TenZ faced a heavy backlash from the community.



Only 20,000 TenZ Secret Mouse is available for presale, which is priced at $196. After announcing the product, the community was upset with the pricing and is yet to know the design of the mouse. After receiving the backlash from the community, TenZ wrote an apology post on his Twitter, where he made an apology and responded to claims like "quick cash grab" and shared the prototype of his mouse's shape.


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TenZ Shares The Prototype Design For His Secret Mouse With An Apology Message



During his livestreams, TenZ has talked about several mice he has used, showcasing his passion for gaming peripherals. Last year, TenZ collaborated with FinalMouse to launch the FinalMouse Starlight Pro - TenZ Edition. After the success of the FinalMouse, TenZ decided to launch a mouse of his own called TenZ Secret Mouse - Founder's Edition. On 26 November 2023, TenZ announced that 20,000 Secret Mouse will be available for preorder, priced at $196.


After announcing his mouse, TenZ faced a heavy backlash from the community because of the heavy pricing of $196 and the incomplete design of the mouse. The product page of the Secret Mouse mentions the general specification of the mouse, but when it comes to the shape of the mouse, the website says, " TenZ own Ambidextrous Shape (Work-In-Progress)." TenZ is working with professional gaming peripherals reviewers like haus and pzogel to validate the prototype of the mouse. 


Responding to all the backlash, TenZ apologises to his fans and says:


I completely understand the negative comments that are being made towards the project, and everything is completely warranted. This model for making a mouse from scratch and releasing pre-orders before the mouse is even finished has never been done before, and it was super ambitious.


While talking about the idea behind the preorders before revealing the full design, TenZ says:


My management believed it was an interesting idea to reveal each part of the mouse step by step and allow people to pre-order if they believed in the project. Looking back at it now, I know it was a stretch to attempt to sell a mouse that had no finalized shape, specs, or weight. At the end of the day, Shape is King. 


Due to the criticism, TenZ decided to freeze all the preorders of the mouse and will allow the customers to get a refund if they wish to opt-out. TenZ also shares an early prototype of Secret Mouse, with an expected weight of 50 grams and a compact form factor. 

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