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PureDark Faces Backlash On Adding DRM Behind Paywall of Starfield DLSS3 Mod; In Response Players Cracked The Mod

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Sep 8, 5:35 AM   |   6 min read

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  • PureDark faces backlash for adding DRM behind Starfield Mod's paywall

  • Many players criticised the addition of DRM and found a way to crack the mod

  • Few players appreciated PureDark's effort and supported the addition of DRM


One of the most hyped games, Starfield, has been out, and the fans are getting their hands on it. Fans seemed disappointed by the developers, Bethesda Game Studios, as the game does not support DLSS, which is used by Nvidia graphic cards to upscale and reconstruct to make the game look better. To rectify this, PureDark, one of the most popular modders, created the Starfield Upscaler - Replacing FSR2 with DLSS.  


Recently, PureDark added DRM behind its Patreon paywall, which angered the community. In response, players have found a way to bypass the DRM and download the mod for free. 


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Story Behind Raged Starfield Community Over PureDark's DRM'd Starfield Upscaler MOD


After the launch of Starfield, PureDark released its Starfield Upscaler - Replacing FSR2 with DLSS. Since Starfield supports AMD's FSR2, players with Nvidia graphic cards couldn't use their system to their total capacity. DLSS (deep learning super sampling) helps improve the performance and quality of the game using Artificial Intelligence. PureDark created a mod that allowed players to replace FSR2 with DLSS. 


Recently, PureDark released a newer mod version, which supports DLSS3. Like the previous version, the mod was made available on Patreon for $5, but this time, PureDark added DRM, meaning players must pay for it before using it. Adding DRM stirred the mod community, as players believed charging for it was against their ethics.


While PureDark faced backlash from the community, someone was able to get the cracked version of Starfield Upscale's latest version and bypass the DRM. Though many players in the community were thrashing PureDark with negative comments, few support the addition of DRM.

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