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Gamescom Might Have Leaked A New Half Life Series

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Jul 28, 11:07 AM   |   6 min read

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It looks like Gamescom’s partnered application has leaked a potential new game on the Half-Life series. According to the listing on the Gamescom app,  Valve Corporation will be making its appearance in the event. Some “brands” have been particularly attached to the company, one of them being Half-Life.


Fans were very curious as they found the decade-old game’s name attached to the listing. Reddit exploded as fellow Redditors started questioning the launch of a new series in the game.


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Gamescom Might Have Potentially Leaked New Half-Life Title



The fans are in a mix of doubt and confusion as the event will see Valve featuring Half-Life over Counter-Strike, which will be getting a new installment soon. The idea of the appearance of a decade-old game over a much more famous esports title will come as a huge blow to the audience. The launch of Half-Life 3 has become a meme for the international gaming community as fans strive to see the reappearance of The G-Man, Gordon Freeman, and headcrabs in the game. Gabe Newell, President of Valve Corp, has previously teased about the potential return of the much-loved HL series with a new song, “Count To Three”.



The song features Ellen McLain, The Stupendium, and President of Valve Corp, Gabe Newell himself. The song gave some hints about how Half-Life has connected itself to the fans, more than being just a mere video game. The song claimed Valve was running low on funds and was almost on the verge of shutting down. However, despite the struggles it has faced, Valve seems to have a strong comeback. The song used the term “three” to a point where fans could understand where its title came from aka Half Life Three (in relation to “Count to THREE”). While fans keep hovering over many dilemmas about the launch of the game, it will be worth an experience to see the old classic, Half-Life series making its return.

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