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Ex-Orangutan Member Alleges Late Payments And Poor Treatment By Organization

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Nov 25, 8:36 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Ex-Orangutan Game Changers player, Eruma, has posted a Twitter thread, accusing the staff and management at Orangutan of not paying salaries on time.

  • She also accused them of not giving one month's notice before releasing the roster.

  • Orangutan has yet to comment on the accusations.

Orangutan is one of the leading esports organizations in India with multiple Esports rosters playing under their banner. Last month, Orangutan dropped their Orangutan X roster, a Game Changers team in Valorant consisting of two Indian players Casper and Sway, two Philippines players Japips and Twirly, and one Indonesian player Eruma. Eruma took to her Twitter account to post a thread about what went down during her time at the organization and why the roster was released overnight.


In her thread, she mentions delay of payments, no notice of the team's dissolution, and the withholding of prize pool money distributions by Orangutan. Here a


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"Orangutan dropped us without notice" Eruma Alleges Mismanagement by Organization 



Orangutan acquired their Game Changers roster in 2022, becoming the first Indian organization to have an international roster in Valorant Game Changers. Now, they bid farewell to the entire roster on October 23, 2023, pausing their operations in the female Valorant scene. One of their ex-players, Eruma, took to Twitter on November 25 to accuse Orangutan of mismanagement and delayed salaries. 


According to the player, the entire roster was dropped without any notice with just a meeting being called to bid them farewell and they were asked to look for other opportunities. She also accused the organization of delayed payments and delayed distribution of prize money. She states that according to their contract, salaries should be credited by the 10th of each month but it rarely was on time. 


Eruma also stated that they were promised a Malaysian/Singaporean boot camp, and a better cook in the Indian boot camp to cater to their spice tolerances. The player alleges that being forced to eat spicy food led to prolonged periods of sickness during her tenure at the organization. She also accused Orangutan of breaking contract stipulations, stating that her role was solidified until 2024. She also states that the players were not provided with an entire month's salary when they were released, only getting 15 days' worth of pay and the added burden of shipping the organization's peripherals at their expense. 


According to the player, they were not treated with respect and their time and efforts were not valued enough. In the screenshots shared, the players can be seen talking about the unfair behavior by the management and how they were not getting their deserved compensation for their efforts and hard work. Orangutan has yet to comment on these accusations and other players on the team have not made such claims yet. 


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