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More Allegations of Financial Impropriety; Threats of Legal Action Against Ruchir Jha

Aaryanshi Mohan  |   Sep 13, 7:52 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Ruchir Jha has allegedly taken money from over 10 content creators.

  • The amount ranges from anywhere between Rs 10,000 to Rs 2 Lakh

  • A lot of people have been trying to find Ruchir's whereabouts and track him down.


After Orangutan Esports cut ties with Valorant content creator, Ruchir Jha, and alleged that he owes a lot of people money. Many people have come forward alleging their stories of how Ruchir scammed them or was trying to scan them. A lot of creators as well as people from the community have come forward with their side of the story, all of them were apparently sold the same narrative by Ruchir.


Creators Threaten To Take Ruchir Jha To Court



One of these creators, Taxal King, apparently lent Ruchir Rs 80,000 and has not gotten the money back. Now, in a social media post, an old follower of Velocity Gaming has alleged that Taxal King is currently in touch with Ruchir and the latter has promised to return the money he owed him. The X user also claimed that Taxal Kings is willing to take Ruchir to court if he fails to return the money.

Orangutan issued a statement saying that they're no longer associated with Ruchir because he is associated with financial malpractices and said:


We want to address a concerning situation involving one of our Content Creators. We want to inform you that Ruchir Jha is no longer affiliated with Orangutan. It has come to our attention that there are serious allegations against him, including financial impropriety with Esports Athletes, Creators, and Industry Stakeholders. We have also been made aware of instances involving misappropriation of resources intended for Orangutan. We want to clarify that all dues owed to Mr. Ruchir Jha have been settled. We are actively working to address the financial issues that have arisen. It is important to note that Mr. Ruchir Jha currently owes money to Orangutan from his brand deals. Additionally, any actions taken or supported by Mr. Ruchir Jha after his departure from Orangutan do not reflect the values and standards upheld by our organization.


In other instances, people have also shared screenshots of Ruchir apparently trying to sell his YouTube channel as collateral for the money he was borrowing. This practice of selling channels is against YouTube's community guidelines. 

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