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8bit Thug Sheds Light on S8UL-Global Esports Partnership

Aaryanshi Mohan  |   Sep 5, 7:56 AM   |   6 min read

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A few months ago, S8UL and Global Esports entered a strategic partnership to develop the Valorant ecosystem in India. However, after VCT Sao Paulo, not a lot of things were heard about this alliance. It has been seven months since the announcement, and now, 8bit Thug, the co-owner of S8UL has given a statement addressing it.


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8bit Thug Responds to GE Partnership Question



During a live stream, Thug was reading super chats and came across a question that asked him about the partnership S8UL had with Global Esports. The person asked him about the current status of GE x S8UL. Replying to this, he said:

That partnership was only till Sao Paulo. For now, the future is very uncertain. The partnership only stood ground till VCT Sao Paulo, and we are unsure about the future.


When the collaboration was announced, many people touted it to be S8UL's entry into Esports. However, this seems to have changed since the announcement since S8UL and Global Esports are no longer continuing the partnership. When the announcement was made, Lokesh Jain, Co-founder of S8UL said:

With what GE has already achieved in PC Gaming combined with what we have done in Mobile Gaming & Gaming Content between 8bit, Soul & S8UL, this collab makes us quite a force in the industry. With this, our shared aim is to scale new heights, especially for Valorant in India, which includes expanding possibilities for our players and bringing our teams and content under one umbrella. S8UL family has the largest fan following in the entire region, our goal is to put India on the world map and make it the hub for everything Gaming & Esports.


For now, S8UL is only focusing on gaming, mobile esports and content creation. Thug had also mentioned in the past that the return on investment in PC Esports has been extremely low in India, and that is something they have to be careful about.

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