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Which is the Fastest Car in GTA 5 Story Mode

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Dec 21, 8:15 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Fast automobiles are the main focus of GTA 5, both in single-player and multiplayer modes.

  • Depending on which version the player has, the Pißwasser Dominator or Z-Type is the fastest vehicle in GTA 5's single-player story mode.

  • With a top speed of 126.50 mph (203.58 km/h), the Vapid Pißwasser Dominator is the fastest vehicle in GTA V story mode.


In contrast to the single-player mode, more cars have been added to GTA Online over time. Although the Vapid Pißwasser Dominator eventually emerged victorious, the Truffade Adder was still regarded as the fastest vehicle in the game. The automobile available at Southern San Andreas Super Autos is a special version that will cost gamers approximately $315,000. The vehicle is free for players who purchased GTA 5 on previous consoles such as the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.


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Is Vapid Pißwasser Dominator The Fastest Car in GTA V?



With a top speed of 126.50 mph (203.58 km/h), the Vapid Pißwasser Dominator is the fastest GTA V story mode vehicle. It can only be found in the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S versions of the game's Enhanced Edition. You can get it by coming in first in the third stock car race. It is the standard Dominator in race form but with the Pißwasser livery. The Ford Mustang in real life served as the model for this muscle car. Weighing 1,500 KG, the Pißwasser Dominator is a 2-seater RWD. The Pißwasser Dominator has decent downforce and superb handling despite having rear-wheel drive. 


It may not accelerate as swiftly as its all-wheel-drive contemporaries, but it does reach a very high speed fairly quickly. The Pißwasser Dominator is an absolute need in single-player races, dominating the opposition in its class. The Z-Type and Truffade Adder have similar top speeds, however they fall short due to poor handling. The Z-Type is an oversteering disaster, on the other extreme from the Adder, which is an understeering vehicle.


 At 126.25 mph (203.18 km/h), the Truffade Z-Type is the second-fastest vehicle. Since the Pißwasser Dominator isn't available on the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions of GTA V, the Z-Type is the quickest vehicle available. This is modelled after the well-known Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic from 1937. Z-type is a 1,000 KG, two-seat RWD vehicle. Although its acceleration and braking statistics are below average, it boasts amazing handling. At least until you install the Los Santos Customs improvements that you need to make. 


Even though it's one of the fastest Sports Classic cars in GTA Online, it's still categorized as a Sports Classic automobile in this game. It's doubtful that the Z-Type will lose its title as the fastest car in the game unless the Expanded & Enhanced Edition releases new cars with an insane top speed.


At 124.75 mph (200.77 km/h), the Truffade Adder is the third-fastest vehicle. It was formerly the fastest car in GTA 5 Story Mode and was modeled after the Bugatti Veyron. Weighing about 1,800 kg, the Truffade Adder is a 2-seater AWD vehicle. Although its handling statistics aren't the best, this car accelerates and speeds up quickly.


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