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What's New in EA Sports FC 24? 3 Standout Features from the Game

Rahul Bhushan  |   Jul 14, 5:26 AM   |   6 min read

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EA Sports FC 24 might just be the most highly-anticipated release in the franchise's history as this will be the series' first release without the FIFA license in about 3 decades. This marks the beginning of an all-new chapter in the franchise's story and fans cannot wait to see if this is going to be an altogether different experience from what fans have known for so long. 


While EA brought a number of new stuff to the table, fans can expect the majority of the experience to be identical, given there's only so much innovation you can do with a football game. The core experience appears to be similar, however, EA Sports have a couple of new technological innovations that could affect the game on a global level. Here, we break down the 3 things that jump out of the page with EA Sports FC 24. 


EA Sports FC 24 Boasts of Shiny, New Tech - But What Does it Mean?


HyperMotion V



The core offering at the heart of FC 24 appears to be HyperMotion V, something that comes advertised on the box. While the term itself is pretty exciting to look at and hear - what does it actually mean? This is the latest iteration of the HyperMotion tech that EA first introduced in FIFA 22. Essentially, HyperMotion combines several different elements such as Machine Learning, Advanced 11v11 Match Capture, and Tactical AI to provide a more realistic and humanized version of players on the pitch - replicating movements and motions from real-life to create a much more authentic experience.


EA Sports FC 24


While this sounded pretty revolutionary in theory, in practice - fans have failed to see any major noticeable difference in the game. HyperMotion V is a complete overhaul of the system and promises to be a departure from past games. FC 24 relies on 3 core tenets - Play Styles, HyperMotion V, and MatchDay Experience to sell the authenticity and realism of the game. While the gameplay trailer seemed interesting, fans know for real until they've tried the game out for themselves.





EA's in-house proprietary engine Frostbite has received an overhaul as well and it promises to be the most powerful iteration of the engine to date. It sports new tech such as GPU Cloth, EA Sports Sapien, and Matchday Experience. 

  • GPU Cloth - This tech realistically relays the authentic visuals of how the fabric reacts to each athlete. While seemingly a granular upgrade - minor details such as this can often contribute to a more authentic experience than before. It will be interesting to see if fans are able to pick up on the realistic cloth animations in EA Sports FC 24.
  • EA Sports Sapien - Sapien essentially translates real-life player's likeness with utmost attention to detail to deliver an unparalleled experience to the player. It picks up the smallest amounts of data and feeds it to the engine to recreate the most authentic version of the players' likenesses. 
  • Matchday Experience - The last of the trifecta, MatchDay Experience provides never-seen-before alternate angles to the game, including player warm-ups, walkouts, dressing room chatter and idle animations. This could be one of the bigger improvements to the system as it will help EA Sports FC 24's presentation be a lot more distinct than the older titles.

 Play Styles



This seems to be at the hear of all that is going on in EA Sports FC 24 and probably what will help separate it from the past titles. In theory, the tech will give players unique capabilities that will be wholly distinct from other players on the pitch. FC 24 relies on Opta to provide more insight into player behaviour and abilities outside of just ratings to help craft players as uniquely as possible.


For instance, EA demonstrated how 2 players taking the same Finesse shot from the same angle could have different end results. In that instance, one player's finesse shot in real-life has had more success, which gives them the edge over the other players on the pitch. This effectively means fans can rely on more than just player ratings when making their pick. 

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