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Valve Officially Ends CS:GO Support on January 1, 2024

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Jan 2, 2:53 PM   |   6 min read

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  • The gaming world is filled with excitement and emotion as CS2 launches, but it also means saying goodbye to CS: GO, the game's predecessor.

  • An essential component of the first-person shooter genre since its debut, CS: GO attracts gamers with its furious action, deep strategy, and iconic maps.

  • With its official retirement date of January 1, 2024, passionate players who have created innumerable memories within CS: GO have said goodbye to an era.


CS: GO's departure leaves a void that goes beyond just gameplay; it represents the end of a competitive era and a farewell to familiar maps like Dust II and Mirage. The game has had a significant impact on esports, becoming an essential component in important leagues and tournaments across the globe. A sense of gratitude for the legacy of CS: GO is carried over by players as they switch to CS2, remembering the friendships that were built via innumerable matches, spectacular clutches, and unforgettable moments.


The community will surely miss the specific charm of CS: GO, its unique gameplay, and the culture that developed around it, even though CS2 promises innovation and a new gaming experience. The announcement of CS: GO's retirement represents the development of gaming and serves as a gentle reminder to fans that while change is inevitable it is sometimes accompanied by nostalgia for treasured past experiences.


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Can You Play CS:GO After January 1 2024?


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The future of CS:GO has been revealed by Valve on the game's official Steam Support page for Counter Strike. The announcement states that official support for the game will end in January. Although CS:GO will still be playable, the developer warns that certain features—especially those related to the Game Coordinator, including player inventories—may not work as intended. This suggests that while it was possible for players to transfer their in-game inventory from CS:GO to CS2, this feature is probably not going to be available in the future. Beyond these specifics, Valve hasn't gone into great depth about the whole range of possible effects that could arise from these changes.


Since its 2012 release, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has grown to become the world's top esports game and, by far, the most played game on Steam. However, as the game grew older, players did grow restless for a fresh release, or at the very least a major overhaul, since Source 2 sat there still on an antiquated engine. After great anticipation, CS2, an updated version of CS:GO running on the Source engine, was released in September 2023. It also completely took the place of the earlier game. Nevertheless, CS:GO may still be played via a CS2 launch option. That will disappear soon.


Valve made it clear what they intended for the future of CS:GO shortly after the introduction of CS2. Unfortunately, for those who were hoping to play the previous version, the developers have announced on January 1, 2024, that support for CS:GO has ended completely. From now on, you can play CS:GO by using the CS:GO Legacy Version, which can be found under the CS2 properties' "betas" option. All of the features from the original game are there in the "frozen build" version of CS: GO known as the Legacy version, but official matchmaking is not available because all servers are currently running CS2. Thus, if you're still feeling nostalgic for the old classic, it's time to light a few matches. You still have bots to no-scope even though you might not be able to play online. Even while Valve wants everyone to switch to CS2 as soon as possible, a traditional version of CS: GO might be published in the future. Additionally, modders may produce a knockoff of CS: GO, though Valve may not approve of this. 


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