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Riot Games Set To Have Big Celebration At Valorant's 5-Year Anniversary in 2025

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Jan 8, 5:18 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Riot Games is preparing for VALORANT's fifth anniversary in 2025, emphasizing the integration of music for a memorable celebration.

  • In an exclusive interview with Dot Esports, Jonny Altepeter, Riot's lead music supervisor, highlights the significance of strategic planning and creating unforgettable experiences for players and fans.

  • Riot strategically plans significant musical moments for seasons, sometimes years in advance, underscoring the crucial role of music in commemorating the company's milestones.


While Riot Games is already preparing for a huge celebration of Valorant in 2025—the game's fifth anniversary—it is also cementing its position as a leading force in the gaming and esports sectors. Jonny Altepeter, Lead Music Supervisor at Riot, discussed with Dot Esports in an exclusive interview how the organization is approaching this milestone and highlighted the important part that music has played and will continue to play in defining Valorant's identity. 


Riot highlights the value of music in the celebration of the company's big anniversaries by organizing its major musical events of the season months in advance, sometimes even years in advance. Even though he most recently worked on the song for Song of Nunu: A League of Legends Story, his team is already planning how they will commemorate its fifth anniversary in 2025 with two-time Grammy winner Tori Kelly.


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Valorant To Have Fifth Anniversary in 2025



The raw sound design of VALORANT has greatly shaped the game's identity, and the music department is well-positioned to take the game's fifth-anniversary celebration to new heights in 2025. The carefully crafted soundtracks are more than just background noise; they operate as an audio hallmark for the game, highlighting its unique personality and improving the player's experience. Riot Games is preparing for a historic milestone as the high-impact world of esports continues its rapid climb. The massive gaming company is working hard to get ready for VALORANT's fifth anniversary in 2025, and they are focusing on making music an essential part of the festivities. Lead music supervisor at Riot, Jonny Altepeter, emphasized the value of strategic planning and creating memorable experiences for both players and fans in a special conversation with Dot Esports.


Altepeter underlined the crucial importance that music plays in shaping the identity of Riot's games. He has made substantial contributions to the musical marketing of VALORANT through projects like Harbor's song "RAJA." He went into further detail about the company's use of music to mark significant occasions, drawing comparisons with previous projects like the 2014 League of Legends World Championship first song. This strategy highlights how music can change the entire gaming experience, connecting with the player base and influencing the brand.


Riot Games' commitment to optimizing player experiences via thoughtful music choices is obvious as the firm continues to get ready for the VALORANT anniversary celebration. This strategy not only signals potential growth for other titles in Riot's catalog, but it also guarantees the VALORANT community an unforgettable event. Riot Games is leading the charge in creating a beautiful blend of gaming and music as the boundaries between the two continue to melt.


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