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Respawn Entertainment New Titanfall Universe Game Might Not be Titanfall 3

Bryan "Dracorexia" Francis  |   Mar 5, 9:58 AM   |   6 min read

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  • There are signs that Respawn is working on a new title set in the Titanfall universe.

  • While connected to Titanfall, it likely won't be Titanfall 3 with a traditional multiplayer and campaign.

  • Respawn previously attempted to integrate Titanfall elements into Apex Legends, but those plans changed.

Since the launch of Titanfall 2, there have been speculations on the release of Titanfall 3 by Respawn. From a recent interview with Giant Bomb reporter Jeff Grubb, it does seem like Respawn Studios is working on a title that is in the Titanfall Universe. In this interview, Jeff Grubb goes in-depth about the working at Respawn Entertainment as well as the idea of the collaboration between Titanfall and Apex Legends. In this article let’s take a deep dive into this report and what can fans of Titanfall can expect.


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Respawn’s New Game Might Be Set in the Titanfall Universe

Titanfall 3 might be revealed on 27 October 2023

Giant Bomb's Jeff Grubb weighed in on the latest news regarding Respawn's current project, following EA's announcement of the cancellation of their Star Wars FPS. In a statement, EA announced the game's cancellation, saying it would free up the Apex Legends creator to focus on "new projects based on Respawn's extensive portfolio of owned brands" alongside existing titles such as Star Wars: Episode V.


A year ago, Respawn's head honcho Vincent Zampella told Axios that a "very small" team was working on an original IP in the studio. He said the "skunkworks" team was led by Titanfall's game director Steve Fukuda and the goal was to "find the fun" in something new. When Grubb mentioned the same project on the most recent Game Mess Mornings episode, he said it had moved into a new prototyping stage. On this, he stated the following:


There are always conversation about Titanfall 3. Whenever I do look into it, they’re not making Titanfall 3, they just straight up aren’t,” he said on the subject of Respawn’s current projects. They do have another team that has been kicking around a skunkworks project, that was in very early [prototyping]. There’s different phases of prototyping, there’s a very early, very small team prototyping phase, and now they’re going to go to a wider, like this is a real project now, but still in the prototyping phase, and that has happened with that game, and that is from the director of the original Titanfall.

This game, as it stands today, as far as I understand, is a ‘Titanfall game’, it’s in the Titanfall universe. But everyone I talk to keeps saying, well it’s not, don’t get in you’re mind that it’s Titanfall 3, like a game with online multiplayer and a single-player campaign. I’m like, well wait, what, then how is, what is this game? I still don’t know.


Jeff Grubb continued to state the following in the same interview:

“But it feels like, if you are trying to go all-in on your own IP, just expand that into being Titanfall 3, figure out a way to make that happen,”

“And then I’m reminded that they were working on Titanfall 3 essentially with Titanfall Legends, which was going to be a part of Apex Legends, and they pulled the rug out from underneath that, so it seems very unlikely that they would change their strategy and go back and actually end up making Titanfall 3.”

In February 2022, it was reported by Bloomberg that EA had canceled a similar game to  Apex Legends.  An unreleased game called  Titanfall Legends that was being developed by Respawn. Titanfall 2 received generally positive reviews, garnering praise for its single-player campaign and building on the foundations of the original Titanfall multiplayer game. The game was nominated for several year-end awards including Game of the




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