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Prime Minister Narendra Modi Discusses Indian Game Devolopers

Bryan "Dracorexia" Francis  |   Apr 13, 10:20 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi discussed the gaming industry with top Indian gamers on Mortal's YouTube channel "Game In India."

  • The discussion focused on new developments in the Indian gaming industry and the booming Esports scene.

  • Tirth Mehta highlights games based on traditional Indian board games like Ashthachokdi and Indian mythology.

On Mortal's YouTube channel, “Game In India,” the Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted extensively with top Indian gamers, including 8Bit_Thug, Mortal, PayalGaming, SKRossi, GamerFleet, MythPat, and Tirth Mehta. 


They discussed the new developments in the Gaming industry and the booming Esports Industry. The Modi government has recognized gamers' creativity in promoting the Gaming industry in India. In this article, let’s take a deep dive into the discussion concerning games made by Indian developers.


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PM Modi Discusses What Topics Should Indian Gaming Developers and Game Studios Focus On?



Since 2019, multiple game studios have been opened in India. With a rising passion for video games, there has been a shift for more game developers in the country. More Indian games are being released both on mobile and PC. Recently, Krafton launched a new game in Bullet Echo, which was made with a focus on India. Playstation had recently announced five games by Indian Studios that they will be incubating within their organization in the India Hero Project.


Tirth Mehta first stated the following concerning games developed in India:


In 2020, You made a statement during your Make in India campaign to promote games centered around India. Since then, we have seen significant enhancements in the quality and quantity of the games produced.


In response to this statement, Honorable Prime Minister Narendra Modi replied the following: 


What theme from India appeals to all of you, or one particular theme that will resonate with the youth in our country?


In reply, Tirth Mehta mentioned the games that are being developed and inspired by traditional board games in India. He provided an example of a game named “Ashthachokdi, " a regional game within the state of Gujrat. Tirth shared his opinion about games currently being made that are being developed around Indian Mythology.


Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi continued this discussion by stating:


World leaders talk about Global warming and topics like climate change. People all around the world have proposed their ideas and solutions.


Tirth Mehta talks about the categories of games known as “Games for Change.” Within these games, the topics addressed concern either a particular region or country. In various countries in Africa, local gaming studios are currently making games to shed light on the poverty that is seen within their region. Concerning the discussion about Indian games needed to be developed with a focus on India, Mortal stated the following:


One aspect that resonated with me and that I aim to incorporate into my life and share with my audience is to delve into game development, particularly focusing on topics related to our Indian culture and Geography. This was my key takeaway.

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