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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Day One Patch Includes General Performance Polish and Additional Accessibility Options

Rahul Bhushan  |   Oct 18, 7:06 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Marvel's Spider-Man 2 comes out on October 20, 2023 on the PS5.

  • It is a direct sequel to Marvel's Spider-Man and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

  • The game will include a Day 1 patch for polish and additional accessibility options.


Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is practically just around the corner, scheduled to release on 20 October, 2023. Developers Insomniac Games has implored physical disc users to download the Day 1 patch immediately as it adds polish to the game in addition to some accessibility options. “We highly encourage physical/disc-based players to download update Version 1.001.002 on launch day – prior to experiencing the opening mission of the game for the first time”, said Insomniac Games. “This update features polish to the gold master version of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 available on disc, which improves the opening sections of the game and includes other general refinements to your Spidey experience, including some additional Accessibility Options.”


Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is one of the year's most highly-anticipated releases, and judging by the outpouring of critical praise towards the game, it looks like it will make a strong contender for 2023's Game of the Year. 2023 has been a stellar year for gaming with massive blockbuster releases such as Starfield, Diablo IV, and Final Fantasy 16. The year is far from over as there are plenty of great titles still to come out, including Alan Wake 2, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Ghostrunner 2, and a whole lot more. 


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Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is Shaping Up to be One of the Best Superhero Games of All-Time



Insomniac Games has consistently been one of the most reliable studios under the PlayStation Studios banner, with massive hits in their catalogue such as Ratchet & Clank, Marvel's Spider-Man and Miles Morales. The studio has been praised for its technical mastery, and it seems to be reflected in the upcoming Marvel's Spider-Man 2 as well. The game boasts of a Native 4K, 40 FPS mode, the likes of which have not been present in any PS5 title so far. 


Critics have also praised the game's story and writing as it apparently ups the ante big-time by introducing larger action set-pieces, riveting emotional drama and menacing villains. This time, Peter Parker and Miles Morales team up to take down enemies such as Kraven the Hunter, Lizard, and Venom. The game also introduces players to the Black Symbiote suit, which is sure to play a major part in not just the game's mechanics, but also in terms of story.


The game sees the reintroduction of familiar characters such as Curt Connors, Harry Osborn, and Venom. It is unclear who the Venom symbiote will attach itself to as the trailers and marketing material have not confirmed Eddie Brock as Venom. Fans are speculating that Harry Osborn could bond with the symbiote and be this universe's Venom. Players cannot wait to get their hands on the game, but they won't have to wait much longer. The game is coming out on October 20, 2023 on the PS5 and players who have pre-ordered the title can pre-load the game right now. 

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