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How to Use the Kamehameha in BGMI Update 2.7

Aaryanshi Mohan  |   Aug 16, 7:28 AM   |   6 min read

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BGMI 2.7 update was introduced with a Dragon Ball Super theme and with it, players have been able to see a lot of interesting additions like the Dragon Ball village and the usage of powers in the game. One such power is the Kamehameha. Since a lot of players might not be Dragon Ball fans, it could be a little tricky to understand how the power would work in the game, and what damage it could do to the players. This guide will explain how players can use the Kamehameha.


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How to Use the Kamehameha in BGMI Update 2.7



For the unversed, Kamehameha is Goku's signature power in Dragon Ball, and in the anime, it is visually represented by the cupping of hands and concentrating on a single point and generating this energy. The Kamehameha can be released by thrusting the hands forward and unleashing the energy towards the target. 


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To use the Kamehameha power, players will first have to find the coins and then follow the steps given below to use the Kamehameha to eliminate or damage the opponents: 


  • Start by playing the Dragon Ball Super-themed event
  • Look for, and collect the Blue Kamehameha token that is found in various places in the game
  • Fill the Ki bar with the help of the Senzu beans. This will help fill the Ki bar fast and players will be able to use the abilities quickly.
  • Click on the Kamehameha sign as shown in the above image. It can be found right above the guns. After clicking on that, tap the fire button to unleash the Kamehameha.


It should be kept in mind that Kamehameha is a single-beam attack, but is known to be very powerful. So much so, that it is able to penetrate through walls and inflict damage on the enemies. Use Kamehameha timely in the game and it could be one of the most lethal additions to the game.

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