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How to Fix Valorant "Could Not Enter Matchmaking"

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Nov 23, 10:25 AM   |   6 min read

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  • It's never fun to run into issues when attempting to load into a VALORANT match.

  • Sometimes the problem is with Riot Games' anti-cheat software acting up, or it has to do with the servers.

  • Here's a guide to solving the persistent problem of not being able to join matchmaking.


Every day, thousands of gamers grind their way up to the highest rank in Valorant before the episode ends. On the other hand, it can be quite annoying if bugs prevent players from engaging with the game altogether. The message "could not enter matchmaking" that appears when you attempt to join the queue is one of these frustrating problems.


When players are unable to establish a connection to the official VALORANT servers, the error message "could not enter matchmaking" occurs. The error may happen due to various reasons, such as server-side issues or problems with your internet service. You may have this issue in Valorant for several reasons. We've listed them all below, along with solutions, so you can keep enjoying the game.


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Solutions to the Valorant "Could Not Enter Matchmaking Error"


A slow internet connection or problems with Riot Games servers are the most common causes of Valorant's "could not enter matchmaking error". Make sure to visit Riot Game Support and see if there is any ongoing server maintenance before attempting to resolve this error. Playing the game could be a bit challenging because of this problem. 

1. Check Your Internet Connection

An issue with your computer's internet connection may be the cause of the "could not enter matchmaking" error. Checking that your machine is connected to the internet, whether via a wired or Wi-Fi connection, is the easiest approach to make sure the problem isn't on your end. To see if the problem is fixed, you can also try restarting your computer, modem, and VALORANT.

2. Check Valorant Server Status

Go to the official Valorant Server Status website first to see if there are any maintenance or technical issues causing the in-game servers to go down. Additionally, Riot will inform the community via the official Valorant Twitter handle if they plan to take down the servers for whatever reason. In this situation, your only option is to wait for the engineers to release the update or cure the issue. After they have, you can restart the game and try joining matchmaking once more, and the problem will be resolved.

3. Reinstall Vanguard

Riot uses anti-cheat software called Vanguard for Valorant, and you won't be able to play the game if it doesn't initialize correctly. It is therefore recommended to try uninstalling it from your computer and allowing the game to reinstall it. You can take the following actions to achieve this:

  • Go to the Control Panel and use the window's search box to look for Add or Remove Programs.
  • Now locate Riot Vanguard and click on it from the list that appears.
  • When it's finished, select the Uninstall option at the top of the list and press OK to remove it.
  • Vanguard will be immediately reinstalled when Valorant is launched.


4. Check Your Firewall Settings

The "could not enter matchmaking" problem may appear out of the blue if your Windows Firewall or antivirus program is mistakenly restricting VALORANT's in-game files. While playing VALORANT, you need either disable these two or make the game's files exceptions. As a result, you have to find them in the "Type Here to Search" column of your Taskbar to turn them off first. After that, restart Valorant, and the error will go.


Most players have been able to resolve the issue with the patches mentioned above, but if you are still having trouble, you may visit Riot Games' website to get in touch with them. Once there, select the "Submit A Ticket" button after logging in with your account.


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