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Counter-Strike 2 Update Adds Vertigo, Overpass, Removes Nuke And Office

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Jul 18, 5:27 AM   |   6 min read

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After introducing Counter-Strike 2, Valve is working hard to improve on what made CS:GO great. Prior to the open beta, Valve is experimenting and testing different maps over several modes in each patch. Last month, Valve removed Mirage to make space for Nuke and Office. After three weeks, these maps have been taken out of rotation in favor of Overpass and Vertigo.


Overpass had a massive overhaul in CS2's initial trailer, and players can finally get to experience it. Aside from that, a few changes to gloves and stickers were made. Here are all the new additions in the latest patch.

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Latest Counter-Strike 2 Update Adds Revamped Overpass: Full Patch Notes

Overpass has undergone significant updates and can be played in several modes including Casual, Deathmatch, Competitive, and Wingman. Vertigo has also been revamped and is playable in Casual and Deathmatch modes. Here are all the changes in the patch:



  • Added Wingman game mode



  • Added Overpass to Deathmatch, Casual, Wingman, and Competitive game modes
  • Added Vertigo to Deathmatch and Casual game modes
  • Removed Nuke and Office



  • Enabled undo/redo buttons
  • Various bug fixes



  • Added the "Secondary Fire Hold" option to the input settings menu
  • The halftime countdown timer is now visible
  • Fixed a case where the camera would not interpolate correctly when switching between chase and roaming spectator modes.
  • Fixed a case where the viewmodel weapon would disappear for one frame when switching in-eye spectator targets.
  • Added leading zeroes on StatTrak module
  • Glove patterns and wear now more closely align with CS:GO versions
  • Various improvements to foil stickers
  • Various adjustments to the size of stickers applied to weapons


With Vertigo not receiving a significant rework, fans and players alike are speculating that it will be removed from the Active Duty pool soon. As of now, Valve has not commented on the map's future.


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