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Berry Avenue Roblox Codes (March 2024) To Claim Free Rewards

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Mar 11, 9:35 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Berry Avenue by Amberry Games stands out as one of Roblox's most-played role-play games, offering players the chance to build their characters and lives from scratch.

  • With the Berry Avenue codes in Roblox, players can claim free rewards to customise their avatar and house and enhance their standards of living.

  • Players have to visit their house, select the item to customise and enter the code to claim the reward.

Berry Avenue by Amberry Games is one of the most-played role-play games on the Roblox Platform. Players can build their character, student career, and life from scratch and upgrade themselves over time. While building their life in the world of Berry Avenue, players want to grab the best outfits and furniture for themselves and their house. With the Berry Avenue codes in Roblox, players can claim free rewards to customise their avatar and house and enhance their standards of living without worrying much.


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Berry Avenue Codes (March 2024) For Free Outifts And In-Game Assets In Roblox



Being a student in the world of Berry Avenue isn’t easy; one needs to ensure one's outfits and house look good while working hard, either as a doctor, store worker or sometimes as a thief. It might become difficult to manage everything at once, and for that, Berry Avenue developers push out new codes regularly to share free rewards with their players. Here is the list of all the Berry Avenue codes that gamers can claim to enhance their role-play.


10607552769Baby Carousel
494306759Baby Seal
11771034304Bear Pacifier
5119538877Black and White Building
12820538476Black Hairstyle with Ponytail and Bangs
6048064692Black Training Bra and Orange Shorts
11599231787Big Glasses
7987180607Big Grin
4849184439Butterfly Hat
6314862514Cute Milk Pink
5703030397Cute Kitty Bandage
8192276172Christmas Anime Girl
8209959147Cat Christmas Cookies
1005840850Flower Clip
2792728547Flowers and Books
13408257Headless Pacifier
8780017969Hoop on the Head
13173433386Heart Hair Clips
11026864824Pink Heart Anime Girl
9297286284Pink Skies and Bridge
7212797722Neon Pink Heart
11712511561Woman Head Pacifier
11085620776Axolotl Pink Pacifier
11095198309Axolotl Blue Pacifier
11095227524Frog Pacifier
11436322613Purple Pacifier
11436404858Yellow Pacifier
11251388730Pink Pacifier
12747063945Pink Top
10630304694Pink Sanrio My Melody
12747063945Pink Top
1219668357Tis The Season to be Jolly
9906339057Blue Anime Girl
899183487Blue Pixel Sky
9297309472Blue Sky and Flower
10605620492Blue Wolf
149787226Snowy Forest
7852142869Aesthetic Leopard
7985335266Aesthetic Anime Pink
8386771063Aesthetic Beach
11009478995Aesthetic Pastel Girl
5860756483Clouds and Stars
695443939Cry Baby Art
7985335266Aesthetic Anime Pink
8386771063Aesthetic Beach
7852142869Aesthetic Leopard
11009478995Aesthetic Pastel Girl
5894228176Airplanes and Cars
10252227113Lilac Lounge Outfit
451220849Lavender Updo
562258641Festive Winter Shades
10913789630Spider-Man Sweatshirt and Trousers
6028069475Jordan 23 Black and Green Outfit
6238414257White Purse
9919935189White Shorts
5508770029White Bag
8780017969Realistic Ears with Stud Earrings


How To Claim The Berry Avenue Codes On Roblox

To claim the codes mentioned above, follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open Berry Avenue on the Roblox platform.
  2. Go to your house and choose the item which needs to be customised.
  3. Press on the item. Enter the code from above and hit add.

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