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A Day One Patch Looks Inevitable For Final Fantasy 16

JJ Rankin  |   Jun 20, 6:20 AM   |   5 min read

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The sixteenth instalment of the Final Fantasy franchise is all set for a release. The action role-playing game is set to release on June 22. In May, the creator of the game had said that they were no plans for a Day-1 update, which is quite rare for an AAA game. Director Hiroshi Takai confirmed that the development team had no plans to release a day-one update since Square Enix believes that the present build of Final Fantasy XVI doesn't need to be improved further. (For rookie’s benefit: A Day-One patch is more common in high-quality AAA games. It is usually a download of updated game files that fixes some game-breaking issues existing at the launch of a game. It usually indicates that the developers had to continue working on the game and they may have missed their deadline).



However, Square Enix has seemingly backtracked on its last promise and has revealed that the game, which is planning to bring in modernizations to the Final Fantasy formula, will have a launch update after all. Though developers have said that players won't need the update for playing the game, fans are bracing for a one-day patch. Square Enix translator Michael-Christopher Koji Fox also confirmed that the update wasn't required to play Final Fantasy 16 at launch.


Final Fantasy 16 Developers Sorry About the Day One Patch



Producer Naoki Yoshida who's a veteran in the franchise revealed in a recent stream from Square Enix that the game would indeed have a day-one update. The developers are reportedly sorry about the release day updates. Besides some minor text errors, the developers need to fix a control flag issue and optimize performance in several places. A demo for the game was released recently for the PS5 and allows players to experience some aspects of Final Fantasy 16's story, gameplay and the new protagonist, Clive Rosfield, ahead of the game's launch.


If you pre-order Final Fantasy 16 pre-order straight from Square Enix, you can get The Realms of Valisthea Wall Banners alongside pre-order bonuses. Here are the editions you should know about:


  • Standard Edition: Includes the base game and a pre-order bonus. 

  • Deluxe Edition: Features the base game, a cloth world map of Valisthea, a special Clive Rosfield Steelbook case and a pre-order bonus. 

  • Collector’s Edition: Base game, an Ifrit statue, a set of 8 pins, a cloth world map of Valisthea, a special Clive Rosfield Steelbook case, and digital items such as the upcoming Blood Sword DLC, mini art book, and soundtrack.

  • Digital Deluxe: No physical merch, but a preorder bonus, a digital mini art book and a digital mini soundtrack.

  • Physical Pre-Order Bonuses: A Steelbook case, a Gil Boost Accessory: Cait Sith Charm, Bonus Weapon: Braveheart (you won’t receive the Steelbook case if you pre-order the game on the PlayStation Store, you will still receive the digital record)
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