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VCT Pros Are Not Satisified With Riot Games' Plan For The 2024 Valorant Season

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Aug 24, 5:04 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Riot Games will feature a new format for the 2024 season of professional Valorant.

  • Community members claim the new format still does not solve some of the major problems of the current VCT format.

  • Professional players like Chronicle from Fnatic are asking for more player breaks.


Riot Games has revealed its plans for the 2024 season of Valorant esports with some new changes to the ecosystem. Heading into the 2024 season, China will be an official region competing in Valorant esports. Alongside that, Riot will feature a new Masters event in Madrid and a revamped Challengers League.


However, some professionals involved in the scene feel that Riot has still not provided a proper answer around the OFF//Season and the lack of breaks across the VCT. While the common audience is impressed with the plans, professional players and others involved in the scene have something different to say.


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Valorant Pros Are Not Happy With Riot’s Plans For VCT 2024 Season


Riot Games will be introducing a new Masters event which will be held in Madrid. The Kick-off event will be regional this time and the best teams of the region will be competing for a shot at Masters Madrid. VCT 2024 will also introduce a unique system of “Championship Points” where the best teams will accumulate points based on their performance to acquire a slot at Champions, the year-ending event of the competitive Valorant season. Professional Fnatic player, Timofey “Chronicle” Khromov has shared his insights about the newly introduced VCT system and has shed light on the bigger picture.


In the current season, Fnatic has attended almost all the events in the tour and as a result, Chronicle has gone through a long year of competitive Valorant. According to him, VCT needs a significant amount of player breaks to allow players and teams enough rest in their journey to become the best. Another major issue with the current tournament format is that it provides no proper solution for the extended duration of the OFF//Season. This particular situation seems to be a bit hazy for both fans and pros as the community awaits a detailed response from Riot. 

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