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VCT Ascension Pacific: Group Stage Day 6 Summary: Orangutan Eliminated Without A Single Win

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Jul 4, 7:50 AM   |   4 min read

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Day 6 of the VCT Ascension Pacific group stage was all about the favorite. On July 3, 2023, three games were played. They were as follows:

  • ONE Team Esports vs NAOS
  • Orangutan vs Bonkers
  • BOOM Esports vs XERXIA

Heartbreak strikes for the Indian Valorant community as Orangutan exits the tournament without a single win under their belt.

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VCT Ascension Pacific Day 6 Match Summary


In the first matchup, ONE Team Esports was defeated by NAOS in a clean sweep. The first map of Ascent went in favor of NAOS 13-10. Moving to Split, NAOS maintained their momentum, closing the map out 13-5. NAOS was favored to win this match as ONE Team Esports seemingly struggled throughout the competition and despite showing some promise, was ultimately unable to keep up with NAOS. NAOS ensured their advancement to the next round of the contest and ONE's elimination.


Bonkers defeated Orangutan without losing a single map, putting on a dominant series. The first map of Pearl was won by Bonkers with a 13-8 scoreline. The second map of Haven was even more bleak for Orangutan with Bonkers winning 13-6. In contrast to Orangutan, who is still winless in the competition, this victory moves Bonkers into second place in their group and gives them a significant advantage in their quest to advance to the next round of the competition. 


In a significant upset, BOOM Esports defeated XERXIA, altering which teams qualified for the tournament's next round. BOOM Esports won the first map of Lotus, with a comfortable 13-5 score. Despite losing the second map of Split in 13-6 fashion, BOOM Esports persisted and managed to overcome their opponents on Ascent with a 13-8 scoreline. With this victory, BOOM Esports moves up to second place in their group and qualifies for the playoffs, while XERXIA is eliminated from the competition.

With this, the matches for Group Alpha have concluded with qualification coming down to just round difference. Unfortunately, Orangutan's journey comes to an end today as they did not manage to win a single match, resulting in a last place finish.

With Group Alpha's conclusion, only two matches remain for Group Omega:

  • Bonkers vs BLEED Esports
  • Dplus Esports vs SCARZ

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