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Valorant Franchise Orgs To Tie Up With Challenger Teams

Stotram Roy Moitra  |   Aug 8, 12:17 PM   |   5 min read

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Valorant Champions has just kicked off and to revitalize the scene, recent reports suggest that VCT franchise organizations will be allowed to partner up with organizations and teams from the tier 2 League. While this does not mean that we will be seeing Academy teams, it does ensure the fact that Riot is continuously working on improving the T2 circuit.


This move will not only ensure that T2 organizations have a more sustainable model in the VCT circuit but also maintain a good influx of talent into the T1 league. The best players from partnered t2 organizations could get to play as subs for the t1 franchised organizations.

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Valorant Champions Tour Franchise Organizations To Partner Up With Tier 2 Organizations


Riot Games will be modifying some rules in the esports ecosystem to ensure the healthy growth of the tier 2 system in the game. During 2023, Riot made sure that partnered organizations in the Tier 1 League fielded a substitute for their roster. However, that did not turn out to be a proper solution for the player base as organizations like Paper Rex and Heretics signed content creators and coaches to fix the availability of players on the roster.


To make sure that professionals in the game who grind day and night get a chance to prove themselves on the big stage, Riot will now be making it mandatory for partnered organizations to tie up with tier 2 organizations from the Challengers League. In the process, the best players from the Challengers League will have a chance to play as a substitute for a tier 1 partnered organization at the highest international stage. We have seen Riot implementing Academy Leagues in LoL so it will be interesting to see how they adapt this for Valorant.

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