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Valorant Episode 7 Act 1: New Act, Agent, Skin Line And More Details

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Jun 27, 8:22 AM   |   6 min read

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As of June 27, 2023, Valorant players will have a new Battlepass to grind thanks to the release of Episode 7 Act 1. Riot Games has already revealed a large number of exciting new features and upgrades coming to the game in Episode 7. In a nutshell, players will have access to a new Agent, a brand-new game mode called Team Deathmatch, a hotly anticipated skin line, and a brand-new progression system.

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What Does Valorant Episode 7 Act 1 Consist Of?


Players will receive the new Episode 7 Battlepass as soon as the patch is released. As usual, they will have access to new weapon skins, player cards, gun buddies, sprays, and several other stuff.

Like previous acts, the Battlepass will have 2 separate tiers, free and premium. Naturally, the free tier will offer less benefits, while the premium version, which costs 1000 VP will come with much higher rewards. This Battlepass includes the three skinlines Digihex, Composite, and Blush.

Valorant Gets a Brand New Sentinel Agent: Deadlock


Norwegian agent, Deadlock, has a variety of cutting-edge nano-wires at her disposal that help her be a defensive powerhouse. One of her skills, the GravNet grenade forces adversaries to crouch and move slowly. Sonic Sensor keeps an eye out for opponents creating noise concussing enemies that make noise in the deployment area. Barrier Mesh creates walls from the character's starting position, preventing movement. Annihilation releases a nano-wire pulse that grabs the first adversary it contacts, wraps them in a cocoon, and strings them along the path of the deployed nano-wire. If the opponent reaches the end, they perish.

New Game Mode: Team Deathmatch


A staple of first-person shooters, Team Deathmatch (TDM) is finally in Valorant. In a nutshell, TDM is a 5v5 game mode that will match players against an opposing team on one of three new, specially designed maps. Players can choose their loadout for each stage when they first enter the match or at any moment in the spawn chamber. Players respawn every 1.5 seconds in this mode and the first team to score 100 kills wins. 


TDM is the ideal game mode to warm-up before entering Competitive matchmaking because Agents' skills can be employed here, unlike regular Deathmatch. Additionally, players can find weapon spawners scattered across the area, allowing them to occasionally try out new weaponry. Healing and Ultimate Orbs will be dispersed over several areas of these maps. The TDM mode for Valorant includes three new maps:

  • District: Inspired by Split and Lotus.
  • Kasbah: Modeled after Bind and Fracture.\
  • Piazza: Resembles Ascent and Pearl.

New Valorant Skin Line: Neo Frontier


The first act of episode seven introduces a brand-new Agent along with their distinctive skinline "Neo Frontier." The skins in this bundle are themed to be futuristic and follow themes from sci-fi and the American West. This collection will have a total of five weapon skins, one of which will be a melee combat axe. Each of these guns comes in a variety of forms and exudes a vintage cowboy aesthetic thanks to special animations, visual effects, and finishes. 

Here are all the details known:

  • Cost: All gun skins, two gun pals, two player cards, and one animation spray are included in the bundle, which costs 8,700 VP.
  • Edition: Exclusive 
  • Weapons: Sheriff, Marshal, Odin, Phantom, Melee Axe, 
  • Variants: Purple Variant with Purple Finisher, Kill Banner, Orange/Blue Variant with Orange Finisher and Kill Banner White Variant with Blue Finisher.


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