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Valorant Champions Tour 2024: VCT Masters, New Teams and Regions, Team Affiliation, Championship Points and More

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Aug 24, 8:12 AM   |   6 min read

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  • VCT 2024 will host two Masters Events at Madrid and Shanghai.

  • Teams will have to accumulate Championship Points to play Global Events.

  • Valorant adds Team Affiliation and Player Loan System.


Expanding on the inaugural VCT franchise league in Valorant Champions Tour 2023, new teams, new regions, and new locations will be part of the upcoming VCT 2024 cycle. Riot Games shared the details and the roadmap for Valorant Champions Tour 2024, which will kick off in March with Valorant Masters Madrid. This will be followed by two international leagues, Masters Shanghai, VCT Champions 2024, and the Valorant Game Changers Championship.


In the announcement, Valorant Esports shared details regarding the addition of China as a VCT region and the coming of a new points system called Championship Points.


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All You Need to Know About VCT 2024 Roadmap Teams, Regions, and Championship Points


After the first edition of VCT Ascension, three teams: The Guard, Gentle Mates, and Bleed Esports will be part of the Valorant International League, adding the team total to 33. Aside from the new teams, China will be the latest addition to the VCT regions in VCT 2024. The year will begin with a two-week tournament in all four VCT regions: Americas, EMEA, Pacific, and China. The top eight teams will advance to VCT Masters Madrid, the first event of the international season.


From there, the franchise teams will play in two International leagues and VCT Masters Shanghai. All the matches will be crucial for the teams as each game is an opportunity to accumulate Championship Points, which will help them to advance to Global Events. Leo Faria, Global Head of Valorant Esports, spoke about the vision behind the new system, stating that it is "rewarding those who are great at the moment and those who have been consistent throughout the season."


Valorant will also introduce the Team Affiliation and a Player Loan System where tier-1 teams from International Leagues and tier-2 teams from Valorant Challengers and Game Changers teams can exchange players. Riot Games has also updated the Valorant Challengers calendar for VCT 2024, where VCT Challengers will run throughout the year, and the grand finale of VCT Ascension will take place after Champions. In November 2024, the Valorant Game Changers Championship will serve as the last tournament of the VCT 2024 cycle.

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