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Valorant Champions 2023 Day 4: PRX, EDward and FNATIC Emerge Victorious

Mrinal Baranwal   |   Aug 10, 11:19 AM   |   6 min read

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After a thrilling upset by Bilibili on day 3, the bar was set for Valorant Champions 2023. Day 4 had the opening matches of Group A lined up. The matches for the group were: Paper Rex vs KRÜ Esports and EDward Gaming vs Giants Gaming. Group C had the winner's bracket match between FNATIC and Bilibili Gaming which was a one-sided win by FNATIC. Paper Rex and Edward Gaming will now meet in the winner's bracket while FNATIC proceeds to the playoffs.


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Valorant Champions 2023 Day 4 Summary


The first matchup of the day was between Paper Rex and KRÜ Esports. Fans were eagerly awaiting this matchup as it was the international debut for 'Something' who missed out on Masters Tokyo due to Visa issues. The first map was Split, which was picked by KRÜ Esports. Paper Rex seemed very comfortable on Split as they led the first half 8-4. Even after losing both the pistols and anti-ecos, they managed to finish the map at 13-7. Pearl started with annihilation from Paper Rex as they led 8-0, but KRÜ managed to close the half at 4-8. And even after winning one more pistol, they could not fight back as Paper Rex took the map at 13-8 and won the series 2-0.


The match between Edward Gaming and Giants Gaming was a close one. The first map of Split was initially led by Giants with a 9-3 score at the half. Edward Gaming did not step back down as they managed to come back and push the match to overtime. Here, they were able to close out the match at 15-13 on their own map pick. Fit1nho had a whopping ACS of 363 on Raze, with 34 kills to his name in 28 rounds. 


Bind was another nail-biter with nothing separating the teams, going 6-6 at the half. Edward Gaming managed to gain an early advantage in the second half to finish the map at 13-11. The early game on Ascent was dominated by Edward Gaming with a lead of 4-0, but the Giants managed to recover only trailing by two rounds by halftime at 5-7. Edward lost the pistol and anti-eco but regained the momentum they required, closing the map at 13-8 and winning the series 2-1.



The last match of the day was the winner's bracket match for Group C where FNATIC and Bilibili Gaming went head to head. FNATIC managed to destroy Bilibili on the first map of Haven, which was actually the latter's choice. After a dominant 10-2 half, Bilibili seemed to have given up, allowing FNATIC to roll them over at 13-2. The second map was Lotus, which was no different. FNATIC led the first half 9-3, and finished the map at 13-8, qualifying for the playoffs with a flawless series.


For Day 5, the matches are:

Group D

  • Team Liquid vs LOUD

Group B

  • FunPlus Phoenix vs T1

Group A

  • Paper Rex vs EDward Gaming


All matches are streamed live on the official Valorant Twitch and YouTube channels.

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