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Valorant Challengers South Asia 2024 - Cup #1 Regular Season: Day 8 Recap

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Feb 10, 5:39 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Orangutan Gaming defeated MLT Esports with a 2-0 scoreline to lock in their second victory of the season.

  • Medal Esports suffered their first defeat of the season at the hands of Grayfox Esports.

  • On 10 February 2024, True Rippers will face Reckoning Esports, followed by an intense Valorant action between Revenant Esports and Carnival Gaming.

Day eight of Valorant Challengers South Asia 2024 Cup #1 Regular Season was the day of upsets. On day eight of VCL South Asia, Orangutan Gaming went against MLT Esports in the first game, followed by Grayfox Esports match against Medal Esports. 


In the first game, Orangutan Gaming defeated the giants of Indian Valorant in dominant fashion, helping them secure their second victory of the season. The undefeated Medal Esports got overpowered by Grayfox Esports as they broke Medal's winning streak by defeating them with a 2-0 scoreline. Let's look at the recap of the eighth day of Valorant Challengers South Asia 2024: Cup #1 Regular Season.


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Medal Esports Received Their First Loss Of The Valorant Challengers South Asia 2024 Season At The Hands Of Grayfox Esports



In the first best-of-three series of Valorant Challengers South Asia 2024, Orangutan Gaming went against MLT Esports on Orangutan's map pick of Lotus, with MLT starting on defence. Orangutan Gaming's confidence looked high as they started the series in a dominating style. Orangutan penetrated through MLT's defence to secure back-to-back rounds, resulting in a 9-3 lead. Within a few rounds, Orangutan won the map with a 13-4 scoreline, showcasing that the underdogs are here to win. 


The second map of Ascent was close as Orangutan Gaming had to face MLT Esports' resistance to win rounds. Despite MLT Esports' effort, Orangutan locked a 7-5 first half in their name. MLT Esports looked as if they were under pressure but did not let it get the better of them. After a valiant effort, MLT managed to push the game into overtime. After two overtimes, Orangutan Gaming didn't want MLT to push the game to map three, wrapping the map with a 15-13 scoreline.



In the second game of the day, tournament favourites Medal Esports went against Grayfox Esports' raw talent. Despite Medal Esports being undefeated in the season, Grayfox Esports ensured they would give them a tough fight. In the first map of Bind, both the teams had a balanced start, resulting in a 6-6 first half. In the second half, Grayfox Esports penetrated through Medal's defence and won seven back-to-back rounds, just losing a single round and locking a 13-7 victory in their name.


Medal Esport's defeat shocked all its fans, and it felt like they might bounce back in the second map of Lotus. Grayfox Esports started on the attackers side, and Medal had no answers to their opponent's strategies. Grayfox Esports won 11 rounds in the first half, ensuring that Medal Esports go home with a 2-0 loss. By giving away just three rounds, Grayfox Esports defeated Medal Esports with a 13-3 scoreline, resulting in Medal's winning streak ending after four matches. 

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