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Valorant Challengers South Asia 2024 - Cup #1 Regular Season: Day 7 Recap

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Feb 9, 5:42 AM   |   6 min read

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  • Revenant Esports defeated Grayfox Esports to win their third game of the season.

  • Reckoning Esports won their first game of the season by defeating Orangutan Gaming with a 2-1 scoreline.

  • On 9 February 2024, Orangutan Gaming will play against MLT Esports, followed by intense Valorant action between Medal Esports and Grayfox Esports.

As the Valorant Challengers South Asia 2024 Cup #1 Regular Season is halfway through, the leaderboard has started taking shape. Day seven of the VCL South Asia 2024 regular season featured the Valorant action between Grayfox Esports and Revenant Esports, followed by an intense battle between Reckoning Esports and Orangutan Gaming. 


Revenant Esports continued their consistent performance in the tournament as they defeated Grayfox Esports with a 2-1 score. Reckoning Esports defeated Orangutan Gaming to win their first game of the season, making it their first step towards the LAN playoffs. Here's a recap of the seventh day of the Valorant Challengers South Asia 2024: Cup #1 Regular Season. 


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Revenant Esports Could Dethrone Medal Esports While Reckoning Esports Wins Their First Match Of Valorant Challengers South Asia 2024



For the first best-of-three series of the day, Grayfox Esports started strong on their map pick of Lotus. Grayfox took an early lead and put Revenant Esports on the back foot to lock the 7-5 scoreline in the first half. While Grayfox Esports looked strong, Revenant unlocked their true potential as they won eight rounds in the second half and gave away just one round to win Lotus with a 13-8 scoreline.



In the second map of Icebox, the first half was a replication of Lotus as Grayfox took another 8-4 lead. Despite a four-round lead, Revenant Esports quickly turned the game in their favour. While Revenant put up a tough fight in the second half, Grayfox's lead helped them clinch a 13-10 victory on Icebox. 



Despite losing Icebox, Revenant Esports looked strong on the decider map of Split. In the third map, Revenant Esports didn't allow Grayfox to gain any ground and continued to win back-to-back rounds, resulting in a 9-3 half. Revenant Esports ended the game in pure domination, defeating Grayfox Esports with a 13-3 scoreline, and securing the series.


For the second match of the day, Reckoning Esports went against Orangutan Gaming as they started with Reckoning's map pick, Icebox. Reckoning Esports looked in control from the first round and continued to decimate Orangutan with a 9-3 half. Within a few minutes in the second half, Reckoning Esports secured the map with a 13-5 scoreline. 



The second game on Lotus was way closer than anyone expected. Orangutan Gaming didn't let the defeat get the better of them as they ended the first half with a 7-5 lead. Reckoning Esports was not going to let Orangutan win without a fight and bludgeoned through Orangutan's defence to push the game into overtime. In the second overtime, Orangutan Gaming finally trumped Reckoning Esports to win the map with a 15-13 scoreline. 


The decider map of Sunset looked close in the first half with a 6-6 scoreline at the half. Reckoning Esports brought their momentum from the first map to win seven straight rounds in the second half. After giving away just one round, they won the series with a 13-7 scoreline on the last map. 

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