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"The Four Duelist Pick Was An Honest Mistake By Us" Team SMG's Enerii On Four-Duelist Composition In GC Championship

Priyanshu Tiwari  |   Nov 29, 12:57 PM   |   6 min read

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  • Team SMG GC's accidental four-duelist strategy dominates Evil Geniuses in Valorant Game Changers.

  • Enerii explains the four-duelist pick as a ping check, leading to Team SMG's success.

  • G2 Gozen advances, defeating Team Liquid Brazil in a 2-0 victory on Sunset and Lotus.

Day one of the Valorant Game Changers Championship 2023 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, witnessed the strongest teams in the history of Game Changers play their hearts out. The event's opening game was between Team Liquid Brazil and the defending champions, G2 Gozen. This was followed by Evil Geniuses GC playing against APAC juggernauts Team SMG GC. Team SMG GC was the winner of the Valorant Game Changers Asia Pacific Elite who failed to qualify for the championship last year. Team SMG's qualification in the 2023 championship is a redemption arc and with their dominant victory against Evil Geniuses GC, the team has thrown caution to the wind. 


Team SMG GC made their Game Changers debut against Evil Geniuses where the team decided to go for a four-duelist composition, surprising and confusing the Valorant community. Despite their unconventional (or blunder) pick, Team SMG decimated Evil Geniuses to advance to the upper-bracket semifinals. While talking about the four duelist pick, Enerii from Team SMG GC said, "The four duelist pick was an honest mistake by us."


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Game Changers 2023 Championship Day One: G2 Gozen Continuing Their Champion Run And Team SMG's Blunderous Victory Surprising Fans



All the Pacific fans were rooting for Team SMG GC as the team made their Championship debut in Sao Paulo. The agent selection was a shocker for Valorant fans as Team SMG GC selected four duelists and a Cypher for their first game on Lotus. Despite this unconventional pick, they decimated Evil Genuises with a 13-3 scoreline. During the post-match press conference, when Enerii from Team SMG GC was asked about their agent pick, she said:


To be honest, the four duelist pick was an honest mistake by us. We thought it was a ping check. Because it was our mistake, we accepted it and we followed through and adapted.


After their first win, Team SMG GC flawlessly defeated Evil Geniuses in the second game on Haven. With a 13-7 scoreline on Haven, Team SMG GC secured match point and joined G2 Gozen in the upper semifinals. Team SMG will play against G2 Gozen on 29 November 2023 at 03:00 PM Pacific Time. 



G2 Gozen defeated Team Liquid Brazil in their opening match to advance into the upper semifinals. On the first map of Sunset, G2 Gozen slowly gained momentum and with a single overtime, G2 Gozen won the first map with a 14-12 scoreline. In the second map of Lotus, G2 and Team Liquid had a neutral 6-6 scoreline. As G2 Gozen entered the second half, the team accelerated to victory. With a 2-0 scoreline, G2 Gozen advanced to the upper semifinals while Team Liquid Brazil must make their way through the lower brackets.

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